Friday, August 19, 2011

Going After More

What are going after? What are you pressing into God for? Are you just letting life come to you, or are you strategically going after something that seems totally out of your reach? If you are just living life as it comes, then you are missing the best that Papa has for you. We all live life, and sometimes it seems that it just happens. It's like we are on a predestined path and we just let things happen. It seems so natural, but if we do that then we are no more than a log floating down a river going wherever the current takes us.

Many,many people live this way and think nothing about it. But every now and then someone comes along and there is a fire in them burning for something that is out of their reach. Instead of giving up, they start changing the rules. They rewrite the plan and totally change the course of their life. I want to be one of those people. No, I am one of those people. To do it takes passion. It takes passion and the desire to risk it all to get what you want. What is your passion? What is it that you can't do without Papa's help. Are you going after it? We need to be praying for ourselves if we want to see breakthrough.

Tonight I read something from a dear friend. She sends out devotionals and this one fit in with what I wanted to talk about. She was writing about Jabez and how he prayed for himself and God answered his prayer. I realized that one of the things missing in my journey into all God has for me was to pray for myself. I know that many of us have read the prayer of Jabez. Probably some have prayed it. I don't think it is a formula for success, but I do believe it is an example to us of what God wants us to do as we press into Him for our destiny and inheritance.

We need passion and fire. We can't just let life happen, we have to direct it strategically to press into all that He calls for us to do. But just as importantly, we have to pray for ourselves, especially for favor with man and God. We also have to pray that He would expand our territory and influence, even as He directs our path. If you are tired of letting life just happen, I challenge you to join with me to choose how life happens and what I do with things out of my control. We can make a difference, we can change circumstances through passion, direction and prayer. I hope you will join me as we change the world and release His Kingdom here as it is in Heaven.

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