Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Home Alone

Living in two places is getting complicated. We went down south last Sunday morning and stayed at Sheryl's place on Sunday night. I had meetings at the church office on Monday and that worked out great. Then we stayed again last night and I went to work this afternoon. I then drove back up north to spend the night because I am doing a Sozo tomorrow morning at RiverStone. Sheryl stayed down south because she has a Sozo at the Bethel Atlanta offices. It didn't make sense for her to drive up and then back down.

But sometimes logic gets in the way of relationship. So once again we are sleeping in different houses. It makes perfect sense, but it still doesn't feel right. Well, she will be back up here tomorrow afternoon. We have dinner and a movie tomorrow night and we will stay up here until we leave for Ft Lauderdale on Friday morning. But we come home Sunday morning and we have to plan out where our schedule calls us to be next week. I know it is going to get complicated as school starts.

Pretty soon we are going to have to make a permanent move. But ring now, we really don't have time to think about when and where. Well we have an idea of the general location, but the when and how are still up in the air. School starting is going to eat up too much time. I know it will all work out, but I get tired even thinking about the idea of moving. Shoot, we also have to go to Florence Al at the end of the month to do a basic Sozo. It will be fun, but it is still another thing that will keep us busy.

I'm not really complaining, I enjoy it all. It's just that it sometimes gets complicated. I believe that Papa is saying simplify. I know that we must, and moving to one house will be the greatest way to do it. I will just have to do it. The good thing about that is I won't have to be home alone. Neither will Sheryl, and that will be great.

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