Sunday, November 28, 2010

Day 321 - Georgia Luck

I have to ask myself, is it luck or are they just that much better. I sometimes wish I were a Georgia Fan. Shoot, when I was at Tech, I wished on many occasions that I had gone to Georgia. But alas, if you were to cut my arteries and the blood started to flow it would look red, but if you separated it out in a centrifuge, it would separate out into white and gold. From my earliest memories I was raised on Ga Tech Football and Bobby Dodd. I can remember dad listening on the radio to all the Tech games. I used to go outside and relive the games with my football, throwing passes high in the air so that I could catch them and run for touchdowns. When I became a Boy Scout, I got to go to all of the Tech home games and help usher. I did this for at least four years. Then I was in the Explorers and I was president so I got to usher in the VIP boxes in the West stands. So really I was set up. It’s hard to change and become a Georgia fan just because they win. I don’t hate Georgia. I used to, but not anymore. I really don’t mind them winning except for this weekend.

Losing nine out of the last ten is not good. Tonight it was a missed extra point. But it was more than that. It was two turnovers inside the red zone. It was a team that doesn’t even know how to spell the word Defense, let alone play it. I mean if you have over 400 yards rushing, you think you should win the game. But I digress. The title is Georgia Luck. I have seen almost every GA – GA Tech game since 1960. It is unbelievable how Ga always seem to find a way to win. A fumble recovery, a pass interference call, a missed extra point. I’ve seen it all. Is Georgia that much better? Not really. Do they recruit better players? Yes. Are they lucky? Definitely. All Tech people have seen it. If you are a Ga fan, you have to admit, you have seen it too. So here it is again,

When I married Julia, I didn’t realize that her Dad and Brother were big GA fans. They were like most Ga fans, they didn’t go there, but they chose the big university to pull for. It’s even worse in South Ga where every farmer and laborer wears a Ga hat. Anyway, if I had known that they were such rabid Ga fans, I might not have asked her to marry me. I’m glad that I didn’t know, because I would have missed knowing a wonderful woman if I had. But over the years we had some interesting times together. Now my best friend is a Ga fan. I can’t believe it. I’ve been outnumbered all my life. When a school graduates 5000 a year vs one that graduates over 10000 a year it’s hard to catch up; especially when every redneck in Ga is a fan of the red and black.

Anyway, it was a good game. We played better than I expected. If Nesbit, our first string quarterback, was playing, we would have one. But as Julia told me more than once: “If a frog had wings, he wouldn’t bump his butt”. Yes, that was one of her favorite sayiings, and she always told me that when I complained about losing to GA. She never cut me any slack, although as the years progressed she did mellow and begin to pull for Tech. But she still would bring me down and back to reality when I started complaining and doing the what if game. So, the bottom line is we lost, but we played well. There is always next year. That’s what college football is about. But I still believe in Ga Luck. I’ve seen too much of it.

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