Thursday, November 11, 2010

Day 305 - Shopping (For Me)

Today was another beautiful day in Atlanta. Although I didn’t get to ride the motorcycle, I did get to drive around with the top down in my Miata. Since the fuel pump has been replaced, she has run like a champ. There are still things that need to be fixed eventually, primarily the speakers in the radio and the left power window. They are on their last legs, but it’s almost been 12 years, what can I really expect. I’m blessed that she is a reliable and fun ride. That car was made for days like today. Since I drove over 150 miles today, that’s a good thing.

I had lunch with Jeff Whitmire today. On the way there I stopped at RiverStone to see Tom and Terry. Lunch was great, Jeff is making great progress on his new church. He has found favor with a lot of people and even the city council in Woodstock. I fell the wind of the Spirit on this venture, and it’s going to be a great thing. Today we were talking with a friend who is very prophetic and is helping Jeff come up with some protocols on how to release and pastor the prophetic. That’s great that he is thinking about that already. I was excited as I left the lunch.

I had to work tonight and instead of coming home I drove down to the Harley Davidson dealership in Newnan. I was told by a couple of people that I they had probably the best selection of clothes and jackets around. I needed a warmer jacket to wear, and every one that I had seen was super expensive. So since I had to work down at the airport tonight anyway, I decided to go down and check it out. Well they were right. I shopped for a good while, but finally found a jacket that I liked and saved a lot of money. It was a great day to go because they were discounting everything 15% if you were a veteran. So I got my Christmas present top myself today ad a great savings. At the same time I remember that Julia would always have me focus on how much she saved when she had spent a lot. I guess she did teach me some things after all. : > )

Work was easy, I was seatfilling (acting as First Officer) for one of the Women in Aviation Scholarship winners as she got her check ride. Originally I was supposed to be giving the check ride with the FAA watching me to make me a “TCE”. That would mean that I could give check rides unsupervised to anyone in our contract-training program. But the FAA cancelled out for some reason and I couldn’t give the check. Not problem for me, it will just happen another time.

I’m of tomorrow and it should be a great day. I could spend all day doing yard work, but I know that is not going to happen. I will get a run in, and maybe at least a short ride. I do work Saturday afternoon, but then I have three days off. It’s going to be different. I’ve been working so much I’m not sure if I will know what to do with all this time off. I know: yard work! Well, thanksgiving is around the corner and I am anticipating seeing all the girls. It’s going to be a busy month even with the time off.

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