Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Day 317 - Furious Love

Tonight was dinner and a movie with John, Biddie, Bud and Cathy. It’s the first one we have been able to have since I started school. It was a fun time to get together, but more on that later. This afternoon, I went to the Y and then I came back to Starbucks to do some reading and check emails while I sipped on a Latte in a ceramic cup. It’s really a nice treat to sit and slowly sip on a hot Latte. I was listening to the new Jesus Culture album again. The words to the new songs are incredible. “Blow Mighty Breath of God, move into this place”. They were singing Rain Down when it started pouring down. I knew there was a reason that I had sat inside rather than outside.

Starbucks was an interesting interlude to my day. I had worked early this morning then I came home and washed some clothes before I went to the Y to work out. I wanted to blow leaves in the back yard, but the rain came early and the leaves were already wet when I got home. Well, maybe when I get back from the girls this weekend. After Starbucks I came home and got the house ready for dinner. It wasn’t hard, there wasn’t much to do. Biddie and John cam over a little early and Biddie made up the hamburger patties while John sliced onions and tomatoes. Bud and Cathy came over and we had a great dinner with Hamburgers and Cole slaw. Cathy had a surprise, a coconut “birthday” cake in honor of Julia. It was great and we all ate way too much. It is hard to believe it will be Julia’s birthday on Friday.

Then we watched the movie “Furious Love”. It is a documentary showing how the Love of God is fighting and winning against the forces of evil and darkness through out the worked. It is a powerful testimony of the power of love. It really highlighted some of the things we have been hearing, and seeing in our own areas. I have slowly been changing over the years. Changing from a religious Christian who would isolate myself from evil, to a person so in love with Papa that all I want to do is spread that love as I go through life. It’s not about me preaching or even prophesying. It’s really about me just living a life of love, as Christ lived. We are not called to judge, we are called to love. As we release His furious love, people will come to know Him. He is the only one that can change them. We can’t get mad at sinners for sinning. They are just fulfilling their job description.

The weapons of our warfare are not carnal. We don’t wage war against flesh and blood. We wage war against darkness. The most powerful weapon that we have is love. We must be willing to listen to people, release God’s love to them. We must begin to speak His truth over them. The truth that they are worth something; they do have a destiny. As I watched this film tonight I couldn’t help praying to Papa to help me feel His heart for everyone I med during the day. I was also praying that as I saw them through His heart, that I would be able to tangibly be able to release His love into their life and situation.

I am just tired of seeing the church releasing judgment instead of love. I hate abortion, and I grieve the fact that so many babies have been killed in the name of “choice”. But changing the law isn’t going to stop abortion. The only way to stop abortion is to change hearts. Hearts are changed when people realize how much they are loved and how powerful the God who loves them is. Love is really the answer. Transformation will come when people are set free by the love of Christ. Well, I’m preaching now. Really I just want to learn to release His love. How can I best do that? I think the first and foremost thing is that I have to receive His love into my life. The overflow of His love in my life will affect all those around me. I have to realize who I am in Him, and that His love in me changes everything in me and around me. I need to accept and then release His furious love. You know something? I think that is something that I can do. That is what I am going after; I just have to be more intentional.

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