Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Day 297 - Let Down by my Trusted Miata

This morning started early for the second day in a row. I got up at 3:30 and was at work at 5:30. The good news was that I finished at 10AM. Then I had to drive over to Alpharetta to see my Chiropractor. My appointment was at 11Am and I figured that I would be able to get back home and have time to go to the Y to work out in the afternoon. Today’s total driving was probably about 130 miles. I usually put over 100 miles a day on my cars. Maybe more, especially when I drive back home and then down to school. Anyway, it was just like any other day. I normally drive my Miata back and forth to work. First it gets 30MPG while the Envoy only gets 17. But really it is a lot of fun to drive. Now today wasn’t a “top down” day, but it’s still fun to drive. I ought to know, I have been driving it for almost 12 years. Sure, it has over 170,000 miles on it, but it has almost always been very reliable. I think that in all this time, I have been stranded on the road only about 3 times. Well, today makes 4.

As I was driving up 400 to the office, I felt the power die and kick back in. It was almost like I had taken my foot off the accelerator for a second. In fact, I looked down at my foot to make sure it hadn’t slipped off. Anyway, I didn’t worry about it and proceeded to my appointment. Everything was fine until I tried to leave to go home. Then it wouldn’t start. It would try to start, but it was like it wasn’t getting any fuel. Being the fine mechanic that I am, I did the only thing I knew to do. I laid hands on the hood and prayed over it. Seriously, I’ve seen it healed before. But today it was not to be. In the past in this situation, the first thing I would do would was call Julia. She could either come get me, or at least encourage me. I remember the last time I broke down; it was on I 75 going to work on a Sat morning. She came and took me to work and then waited for my simulator to be over to take me home. She loved me that much. It pulled her out of her plans for a full day, but she was there. Well, she’s not here now, and once again I really realize just how much we depended on each other. So the question was this. I know that my friends love me, but who will I have to impose myself on. I know that they will gladly help, but I just really didn’t want to have to ask and receive.

Well, after I had talked myself through that, I realized that John and Biddie were doing a Sozo and Bud was at home waiting on the results of his granddaughter’s surgery. First I called my mechanic and arranged for the car to be picked up, then I called John. I knew that if John could, he would pick me up. Shoot, I knew that he would pick me up even if he couldn’t. The truth is, even if Julia was alive, there was a good chance that it would be John picking me up instead of Julia. But it sort of made it hard to call him just knowing that Julia wasn’t there. There are sometimes when life is lonely. Good friends really help, and I don’t know what I would do without their support, but the loneliness still remains.

But, I got to spend the afternoon with John and Biddie. We went to Trader Joes and Costco and then I had chili with them tonight. So, in the midst of being let down by my trusty Miata, friends were there to surround me and help me get home. This is really a pretty prophetic picture. It’s your friends that will help you get home, where ever home is. Who you surround yourself with really helps define your destiny. I’m grateful to be surrounded by good friends who just want MORE, and have young hearts, seeking after the Kingdom.

In all this, I do see the goodness of God. The Miata could have died at 4AM this morning on the way to work. It could have been on 400 this afternoon, or anywhere along my route the past few days. But to have it die in a parking lot is such grace and mercy. My mechanic has promised he will fix her and get me back in the saddle soon. I know that she still has at least another 170000 miles in her, and I plan to keep her going. She’s too much fun to drive to get rid of now. Besides she’s like an old friend too.

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  1. Tom - you are doing great. The transparency with which you share is inspiring.

    Yes, the loneliness remains. It pops up when you least expect it. But, one day at a time - one event at a time - one holiday at a time - the loneliness is faced and conquered.

    Not only does God have a plan, He always did. His grace and mercy are overwhelming - powerful - and unlimited. His plan is for your good, not your destruction.

    Thank you for being you and remaining faithful to the promise to blog everyday. Even when you think no one notices or that it won't really matter - it does. To you more than anyone.