Thursday, November 11, 2010

Day 304 - It's a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

I was off today. This is one of the first of days I have had in a couple of weeks where I didn’t have somewhere I had to go, and the weather was nice enough to do something outside. The good thing about November and December is that there can be some nice warm days. Today was one of them. I had three things that I really wanted to accomplish today. First I wanted to get a run in. Second, I wanted to get a ride on my Harley, and third I wanted to get some yard work done. Today, for a change, I was able to do all three. It was a very good day.

I wanted to get my run in first, so I went to the Y around 10AM to run on the treadmill. I had really rather run outside, however it was still sort of cold and I felt that I would do better on the treadmill. It was fine, but not as exciting as it would have been. When I got back, I got on the computer and began to plant out the ride that I wanted to take. I wanted to ride on the back roads up to Cartersville Airport and then go towards Rome. Then I would come back down. I figured I would ride for about 60 miles. Well, I did ride for 60 miles. I just missed a couple of turns and wound up going to Rockmart. It really wasn’t that much out of the way. So I went to Rockmart and then down to Dallas and back home. Perfect ride as far as miles go. It would have been a little better if I could have kept off some of the main roads. The good news is that there was no traffic, the weather was great and the trees are turning all the fall colors and I was just glad to be able to feel the wind in my face.

I have been looking at the yard for the past month, knowing that work needed to be done. I can almost hear Julia giving me a list of things to get done. Well, I did get started today and I got the two major things that I wanted to get done today. First, I did get the dead plants in the front pulled up. They were driving me batty. So, here I am outside and I pulled up these dead plants. I will get some pansies and try to get them planted on Friday afternoon. I’m coming to there part of the month where I get more time off, so I’ll have time to work in the yard. Also I was able to get all the roses trimmed down to where I left them. They will be fine like this to the winter.

So, it really was a beautiful day in the neighborhood, and I was blessed to be able to handle things that weren’t really a problem. It was great to be able to ride on a warm day. Hopefully there will be more to do as the weeks progress.

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