Friday, November 26, 2010

Day 320 - Happy Birthday Julia

November 26, Today is Julia’s birthday. I wonder of they celebrate birthdays in Heaven. I bet they do, and I know that there is a big celebration gong on there today, and every day. I love Birthdays, I always have. I think that they should be celebrated to honor the one who is having the birthday and to honor the one who created them in the first place. I always used to love Julia’s birthday, and although we didn’t ususlly have a big party, we normally went out for a nice quiet dinner with friends. Last year her birthday was on Thanksgiving. That’s one of the hazards of having a late November birthday.

It’s even neater if someone else in your family celebrates their birthday on the same day. Julia’s and Allene, my Dad’s wife whom we love dearly, share the same birthday. My Dad and Lisa share the same birthday. It seems like there is a special bond formed between them because they have the same birthday. Today Julia got one of the best birthday presents that she could ask for. And ask for it she did, many, many times. Today little Addison Edge was born to my nice Jodie and her husband Jeff.

I’ll tell a little of the story. Jeff and Jodie have been trying for years to have a child. Julia and I have been praying for them for years that they would have a child. Julia especially spent much time in intercession over Jodie, and we knew that our prayers were going to be answered. I don’t know what Julia did when she got to Heaven, but I have a feeling she talked face to face with Papa and asked Him to intervene on their behalf. It was only a couple of months after she left here that Jodie became pregnant. We have been praying for her ever sense, but I knew that it was a done deal, and that she was going to have this baby. Well, today, on Julia’s birthday, little Addison was born. What a birthday present to Julia; and what a blessing to Jodie, Jeff and all the family. God is so good.

Today was a lot of fun with Anna Roan and Julia Anne. I got to play with, hug and hold both of them a lot. I was thinking when we were at the playground that Julia would have loved today. We were celebrating her birthday the way that she would have loved to do it, with her granddaughters, at least two of them. It was really a good day, and emotionally I was doing good until later tonight.

Lisa and I took the girls to buy a little live table Christmas tree. She only wanted a little one because they will be coming to Hilton Head with me on the 18th of December. Lisa and I used to go and get the tree. For years and years, we always had a real tree. Some years Jennifer and Julia would go, but most of the time it was Lisa who went with me in the cold as we looked for the perfect tree. It was fun tonight although we didn’t have to look very hard to find one. There were not a lot to choose from. After that we picked up Hernan, and we went to this great Mexican place about a mile away from their house. The dinner was great. When we came back, we put Christmas music on and Lisa made some hot cider.

As I was holding Julia Anne and singing White Christmas to her the impact of the loss of Julia came over me. As I continued to sing and smile, tears began to gently run down my cheek. Lisa’ probably noticed, but I tried to keep it from her. Anyway she didn’t say anything, which was good. Since then, my emotions have been in check, although I can feel that loss right under the surface. It’s like at any time I could just be overcome with loss. But I really have no loss. I know where she is, and I have such good vivid memories. I know now that some of the memories might fade to the background, but they can be brought right back to the surface if there is a need for them. I know now that I will always celebrate Julia’s birthday. It might only be in my mind or with a prayer, but she will always be right with me. I also know that she is cheering for me to press on and run the rest of my race. At almost every marathon that I ran, she didn’t run, but she was my best cheerleader, waiting for me at the finish line with a smile and comforting words. It’s funny, I can see her doing that now.

So, I will keep on going, and I will run the race to the finish. She is still cheering me on, just like she was cheering Jodie on all day in the delivery room, even when things got tough. My goal is to run to the best of my ability, and I know that she is still helping me do that. Happy Birthday Addison, welcome. I know that you have a great destiny. Happy Birthday Allene, you are loved by many. Happy Birthday Julia, I can almost sense your presence beside me right now.

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