Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Day 309 - Much Needed Rain

During the drought I said that I would never complain about the rain again. I almost did last year when we had so much, but we really need the rain right now. So even tough I’m off, and would love a beautiful day to run, ride or do other things, we really do need the rain, so I’m glad it did rain most of the day. Of course we have a 100% chance of rain tomorrow too. I guess I’ll spend the morning reading and doing laundry. I have class tomorrow night. I’ll probably go run on the treadmill at the Y sometime tomorrow morning. It’s late now so I’ll probably sleep in until 8 or so.
Today was spent much like I just wrote about tomorrow. I got up this morning to the sound of rain. To be honest, I tried to get up at 7, but wound up getting up at a little after 8. I did go to the Y and then I cam home and read. I left early for school because I had dinner with Steve Hale and some of his staff. It was a good time just to get together and talk. Then I went to school. This afternoon I listened to a message by Bill Johnson and the Holy Spirit just put in my heart the need to continue to press after more. Of course the prayer for more has been my prayer for years, but sometimes you get comfortable, and I believe that is where I had gotten over the past few weeks. But now I am continuing to press into more: more of His presence and power; more of His love and more of His passion for all people.

It’s after midnight; I got home around 11 and started watching Bill O’Rilley. The next thing I knew it was super late. The good news is that I got my preliminary schedule for December and I have all the days off that I wanted. It will be a small paycheck; I’m only working 6 days. But it will be worth the cut in pay for a month to have all the days off that I need. So, right now the plan is I fly to Tampa on Friday night to see Adair run in State. Then I fly home Saturday afternoon. Then next week I will be in Norfolk and Ft Lauderdale. It’s even hard for me to keep up with myself.
It will be fun to see all the girls

I really wish that I would dream tonight. I would love to dream about Julia, but also I would love to have an encounter with Holy Spirit. Well, it is late, and I’m just rambling, so I guess I’ll call it a night.

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