Saturday, November 13, 2010

Day 307 - Lost the Bet

At the beginning of the season when I thought that Ga Tech would go 9-2 and win the ACC, I bet my Sean that Tech would beat Miami. The “U” as they like to call themselves had drilled us last year, surly we would get them back this year. The bet was this. The loser would have to wear the hat fo the winning team around for a month. I could do this with Sean, because I sort of like Miami anyway. I could never do that with the bullpups. I couldn’t bear to wear a hat with a big “G” on it. Anyway, I began to have my doubts when we lost to Kansas. My doubts increased tremendously last week when our starting quarterback broke his arm. Well, I lost. Miami blew Tech out of the water today. The funny thing is that the second string quarterback did pretty good. It was everybody else that stunk. I should know better than to get caught up in a game played by 18 year olds, but I still do. So, I guess that Sean will give me a hat to wear. If you see me wearing it around, you will know that it’s just a bet. I really haven’t changed allegiances from Ga Tech.

The rest of my day was OK. I didn’t get a ride in this morning, By the time I got up and got moving I felt that I would be too time compressed to ride before work. So I spent most of the day at work. I came home and watched some football tonight. I’m definitely looking forward to tomorrow morning at RiverStone and then outreach at Little Five Points. As I think back about the day, nothing remarkable comes to mind. I don’t really like the afternoon periods because it seems like the morning gets away and then it is so late when you get home.

I had a couple of different coworkers ask me how I was doing tonight. I tell them I’m doing fine, but I don’t think they really believe me. One of them said that he didn’t know what He would do if he lost his wife, and I’ve told him more than once that if I didn’t have my belief in God, I didn’t know what I would do either. Still I don’t really think that he understands. But really, how could he understand? How can anyone really understand? I have to give them grace. They are only trying to be nice and I know that they really are concerned about me. But it’s funny, you can tell that part of their asking is trying to understand. They see me all the time and know that I am enjoying life and work, and that they can’t understand. I just have to keep reflecting the Kingdom; maybe they will get it sooner or later. Well that’s all I have for tonight, it’s a busy day tomorrow.

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