Sunday, November 14, 2010

Day 308 - Prophetic Art in Little Five Points

Today’s outreach in Little Five Points was fun. We had everyone bring paper and pen, or crayons or pencils; anything that they could draw with. Then when we went out, each of us was to find someone to draw a picture for and then give it to them and explain it to them. It’s called prophetic art, and you don’t really have to be a good artist, you just have to be able to explain what you draw. The idea is to ask Holy Spirit what to draw that will mean something to the person, draw it and then give it to them. You can usually tell by the reaction whether it means anything or not. I’ve done this a couple of times on a mission trip to Nicaragua and then during a couple of Sozos. But it was the first time for most of the people on the team today.

The object of our outreach is twofold. First is to release the Kingdom of God and its love in a dark and hurting place. The second is for us to push out of our comfort zones and learn more about ministering in the power of the Holy Spirit. This exercise was designed to do both. It was so successful today that we will try to do it again, or better yet, improve on it. Another thing this exercise does it it gets us to talk with people we might not talk with. If we get to pray with them that’s great, but that is not a requirement. The requirement is to bless them, and let them know that they are loved.

As we all divided up, I could tell that there was a little apprehension, but a lot of excitement. I knew that it was going top be a good day. As we walked up to the main area, a few of us saw a man who normally is there. He knows some of us, and he approached us, wanting to recite poetry. He makes up his on poems and is pretty good. He is not homeless, he has a room to stay in, but he is on the street all the time panhandling money for food, and probably other things. I jus saw him bringing so much love to that area so I drew a picture of the fall colored trees and the fence nearby with purple hearts rising up around the area. I knew his name, so I just wrote on the card that he brought love to the area and he was needed and loved himself. I know that another one of our team drew a picture for him to. It’s funny, I think the picture was different, but similar in meaning.

We did this for about an hour and a half. I drew a couple of more pictures for people and gave them to them. Everyone that I talked to thanked me for the picture and said it had meaning. I saw a couple of our group and we walked back together. One of my jobs as leader is to get the group together at the beginning and the end. The beginning time is to give directions and pray. It is a time of encouragement and exhortation. The ending time is a time of debriefing and making sure that everyone is OK. What we do is fun and we have the Holy Spirit with us, but it is never to be taken lightly. We are bringing the Kingdom of God right into one of the darkest areas in Atlanta. Little five is a haven for New Age, Wicca, Satanist and any other type of occult and witchcraft. It is not a place that is friendly to Christians, but we know that we have been called to release God’s love and power into the area. Every time we give a picture, build a relationship, pray for someone or see someone healed, the enemy is pushed back and we take a little ground. This is the third year that BASSM has been ministering out here, and we are beginning to find more favor as we try to change the atmosphere.

So as we came back for debriefing this afternoon, we were all sharing testimonies of giving away our pictures. Everything was positive, as it usually is. Some of the last of the group came up and I could tell that one of the women was upset. She had been walking around with her husband so I knew that nothing physical had happened to her. She had drawn a card for this guy, and had gone over to give it to him. He received the card and thanked her. She then began to talk to him. She said that he had liked “normal” until she looked in his eyes. They scared her, and what he said to her scared her even more. He told her that his name was “King David” and he was old, very old. In fact he was over 467 years old. He just moved from body to body. As he took her hack he started talking “in another language”. It seems that she had just run into one of her first cases of either acting or truly a demonic spirit. I wasn’t there, but it could have been either, or both. My feeling is that he truly was carrying around other spirits with him, and she might have been talking to one. Anyway, she was very traumatized, but we began to pray for her, break things off of her and clean her up from anything that might have gotten on her. We reminded her that she got a lot of God on him, and he was probably not dealing with that too well either. AS we prayed, we asked Holy Spirit to flood over her, and almost at once she was laughing and filled with joy. We have to know how we are in Christ. She does, but the reason we meet at the end is to come along side each other and spiritually cleanse one another off. Today was a great example of that. So yes, Little Five Points is fun, because releasing the Kingdom is fun. But we can never forget that we are in a war. Not a war with the people, but in a war with the enemy and his influencers.

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