Saturday, November 6, 2010

Day 299 - Greenville SC

Well, it’s after midnight, but we just got back from church. I’m part of a team of 11 students that came with Scott Thompson up to Greenville SC tonight. The name of the church is Kingdom Culture and it is a very appropriate name. It meets right in the heart of Greenville in an old art theater. It’s almost like theater in the round. The stage is in the center with three sides of chairs in theater style seating. There is an area for ministry in front of the stage and the ceiling is all black with stage lights. It’s just the way that I would have done it if it were my church.

We left around 1PM from Atlanta. Instead of driving down south to meet everybody, I drove over to Suwannee and we met at a Wal-Mart where I left my car. The drive up was fun, and we got to the church around 4PM. It wasn’t as bad a drive as I remembered. We met the pastor at the church and then went to where we are staying. The guys are staying at a Holiday Inn Express and the girls are in a guest suite at these neat lofts. It is an old factory that has been renovated. Anyway, I’m just glad to have access to Internet.

We ate in downtown Greenville at a so-so Mexican place and then got to church around 7. I think it started at around 7:45. You could just tell tht all the people were hungry. This was a very young crowd; mostly young professionals and college students. It was also a very creative and artsy group. But you could almost see the hunger for more of God on them. During worship, we sung some songs that I hadn’t heard before. One in particular really drew me in. I don’t remember all the words, but the chorus went like this:
Fill us up with Holy Fire; Fill us up with Holy Fire; Fill us up with Holy Fire; We want more of you.
That was really the theme for the night as during the prayer before we started some of us saw a fire being released and coals resting on the hearts of many of the people.

We started off the meeting with the prophetic as we spoke different words over people that God highlighted. It was a lot of fun, and the words were well received and on target. Then Scott spoke about our spiritual DNA and how the Light of God changes us. After the message we went around praying and prophesying over most everyone there. The ministry time was very good, but very long. There was a time of just talking and fellowship afterward so it was well after 11 when we left the building.

Tomorrow we are going to meet with the pastor at Starbucks and then go to breakfast. We will get to pray and prophesy over him then. After that we will drive home. This seems more like a commando raid in the Spirit. A quick in, attack, then quick exit exercise, but it is fun and it will be good to be able to go to RiverStone on Sunday morning.

I did hear about the Miata today. It’s fixed and I will get it Monday afternoon. It was the fuel pump as I suspected. It could have gone out anywhere. God really was watching out after me to keep me safe on the expressways. Well, it’s late, and tomorrow is going to come early. So back to Atlanta we go in the morning.

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