Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Servant Leadership

I’ve heard it said that the Kingdom of God is the “upside down Kingdom.” I believe that means that instead of the leader being on top of the pyramid where he is waited on and served like a King, he is on the bottom or the pyramid, basically moving the pyramid along as he serves his followers. I really believe this is true. Didn’t the King of Kings get on His knees and wash his disciples feet? Jesus is our example in all things and He was the ultimate servant leader.

So, how does that work out in our lives? How do we become true servant leaders? It can’t be by just serving to serve. If we serve out of obligation or a need to get ahead, we will do nothing but burn out. No, there has to be much more. In the Old Testament we were called to serve out of obedience. That was the reason that we served, and it was law that pushed us into being a servant.

In the New Testament, we have been called to be higher than servants, we have called to be friends. But that doesn’t relieve us of the responsibility of serving. No, the New Covenant didn’t replace the old covenant. Instead it just overlaid it, giving new meaning to all that happened. We are to still serve, but our reason and motivation for serving has changed. Now we serve out of love. The more intimacy that we have with our King, the more we want to serve Him. It’s out of his love and our love for him that we can truly become the servant leaders that we have been called to be.

It was said best in the book of “Spiderman”. With great power comes great responsibility. We have been given great power as sons and daughters, and we have great responsibility to those who follow us. It is key to our growth as leaders that we serve. Serving opens us up to be influencers which helps make us leaders. Papa wants us to become great leaders. Great leaders serve greatly.

Personally, I love leading, and therefore I love to serve. But it is time that we learn to go deeper into His heart and receive revelation that will help us reach the lost at any cost. So I am called to train servant leaders. I’m called to train people that are willing to die to their ambitions to see the vision of the House succeed. Those people really don’t die to their dreams. No, most times, the dreams become better focused and are fulfilled even while they are involved in someone else’s dream. So, bring it all on. I’m ready and waiting.

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