Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Living in "La-la Land"

“La-La land, what or where is that? Well, Sheryl and I were Listening to Danny Silk tell his premarriage class that you “can’t stay in La-la land” you have to come back to reality. We listened to the message and he said some good things but one thing we decided. We want to live in la-la land for a while. After all, we just got there. I think La –la land is where you are so in love that all you see is each other. It’s a time when you would really like to just spend all day looking into each other’s eyes. You know that it is not possible, but you would definitely like to try. La la land is when you are riding together in the back seat that you sit on the hump in the middle just to be close. It’s where you cant keep from wanting to touch each other and it’s where you have to use discipline and the power of the Spirit to keep from touching each other.

I’ve always heard that love is wasted on the young. I never knew that I could actually feel this way with anyone again. At times I feel like a giddy teenager, and I know that she does to. It is so nice to be wanted and loved. It’s even nicer to love back. I know that this is totally crazy. I’ve been razzed all day by all my friends, but I don’t care. We have decided to enjoy it. Yes, we will stay here for a while. Of course it’s hard this week. I’m in Florida and she is on her way to California. It will be a long week.

I’m sitting here in a condo on the beach in Pensacola. I should be happy to be here. I am happy to be here with all my friends, but I’m lonely as well. Tomorrow we are going to see the Blue Angels and that will be fun. It will be a fun week, but now there is a part of me that is missing and I will not feel whole. Shoot, we aren’t even married yet, but I feel so connected. I guess this is la –la land.

I really never thought that I could ever love again. I know that I thought I would never feel like this. I believe the only reason that I can is that I have chosen to live life facing forward and not looking backward. I will always love Julia. Nothing that I say or do now can ever diminish that love. I am so grateful for that in my life, but looking forward, I am so excited to have Sheryl become a part of my life. She is really such an amazing woman. We are so compatible and have so much in common. But she loves me for me, and I love her for her. Together we make each other stronger. We are two powerful people in the Spirit, and we bring freedom to everything we touch. What ever God has in store for us will be totally amazing.

So I asked Papa if it’s OK if we live in La –la land for a while. He said It’s not a place to visit, but we could live there. He has made us a home in La –la land and He wants us to spend as much time there as we can. Is love is everlasting and He just wants us to share it with each other. Life is good, enjoy it.

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