Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Can You Taste It?

Have you ever been so close to something that you could almost taste it? Yet you were far enough away to realize that you still needed to keep pressing in. I remember when I was in pilot training and we were getting ready to graduate from our first jet, the T-37, and move on to the T-38. Now the T-38 is supersonic with a cruise ceiling of almost 50,000 feet. You could get that high, but you couldn’t stay very long. You only had about an hour’s worth of fuel at our training speeds. The faster you went, the faster you used up the gas. Anyway, we were still in the T-37. We had a week of flying to go, but I could almost taste being in the T-38. I could envision myself going supersonic and flying higher and faster than I ever did. I was still in the T-37, but I could almost taste the T-38.

Of course we can all think of times like that. Times when our dreams are so close, yet so far. These times are special if we learn to enjoy them. We have to learn to enjoy where we are, but embrace the sweetness of what will be. I believe that this is even more important in the Spirit. We can never choose to stop and rest. We can never be satisfied with where we are and what we have accomplished. If we are not hungry; if we cant taste the next thing and savor it’s sweetness, then we will never get to where Papa wants to take us.

Joshua and Caleb were different from the other spies that crossed over the Jordon because they could taste the land and its bounty. They saw the milk and honey and that made them hungry for more, not scared to cross over. They saw exactly the same thing as the other spies, but their focus was totally different. They were focusing on what could be, not what could stop them. In the Kingdom of God the only way to advance is to taste what is yet to come. Only by tasting it’s sweetness are we able to willingly pay the price required to actually have that next thing. Caleb in his 80’s was still dreaming and tasting the next thing. He asked for Hebron and the high country where he had to fight instead of settling for a low area where He could rest.

I want to be; no I am like Caleb. I will continue to taste all that Papa allows me to taste. He is a big God, and He sets a big table for His children. He loves to see us try new things. He is very loving and loves to see us taste everything that He sets before us. I love the honey of the Kingdom. The scripture: “Taste and see that the Lord is good” is so true. I never want to stop tasting all that is set before me. Right now, I can almost taste the gifts that He is giving me, and the sweetness is just overwhelming.

Never stop pressing in for more of the Kingdom, even when you don’t feel like it. You will never be disappointed.

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