Saturday, May 14, 2011

How Good is God?

Have you ever thought about the answer to that question? How good is God? Just thinking about His goodness is almost impossible to understand. Goe, the creator of the universe; God the one who watches over us and loves us so much that He would allow a part of Himself to be tortured and endure a cross just so we could be redeemed. What kind of goodness does that? A God that is so good that He heals people who don’t deserve it.

No, I know in my heart that God is good, but trying to wrap my mind about just how good He is, well that’s almost impossible. But I am beginning to understand new levels of His goodness. I learned so much about His goodness this past year. It’s hard being alone but I was never really alone. He was constantly with me in much deeper levels than I had ever imagined. Every month as I was slowly being healed, His goodness was there in so many different ways. I remember the first night that I was alone in my bed, and I so felt that Jesus, Father and Holy Spirit were right there. They took me places that night. Places that I still go back to from time to time.

I guess the problem is that as we get healed, we also get busy and we don’t make as much quality time for them to minister to us as we should. I know that for a while I couldn’t go to bed without seeing them. Then they began to skip nights, and I would want more, but even when I went, it wasn’t quite as deep. But then there would be other nights where it would get even deeper as we explored each other. So I can’t say it was less, only different.

That is the key to intimacy and exploring the goodness of God. We must understand that He is so big that He shows us so many sides of His love that we hardly ever see the same side of His love. All we see most of the time is just a reflection of His love as we press into Him. If He is so big that He loves each of us uniquely then just think how big He must be. Also think how much the cake will taste like tonight.

His goodness allows us to heal. His goodness expands our heart to receive even more love than we ever thought possible. His goodness is what gives us the ability to love again without diminishing the love that we had. It is so unreal and yet so true and right. Probably the only reason that I am able to love again and love greatly is that I know the depths of His goodness and He has expanded my heart as I have walked with Him.

But in many ways I have just began to explore the depths of His goodness. The deeper I go, then the more that I am able to receive and to give. It’s His goodness that heals our hearts and brings us back to life. For that I am so grateful. He loves me, I know that I am one of His special children, but so are you.

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