Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Love Letters

What do you do when you get a letter (an email, text, whatever) from the one you love? You read it! You just don’t look at it and put it on the shelf. No, you read it because you want to. You read it because you want to hear every word that your lover says. You value their opinion and everything they represent. They are in love with you, and it makes you feel so good to read what they say about you. Sometimes as you read the letters, you feel that they must be talking about someone else, that it couldn’t be you. But it is you, through their eyes. That makes all the difference and we read the letter again and again because their letter begins to get inside you and build you up. It calls life and destiny into your Spirit.

What if instead of dying to read the letter to see what it said you made yourself spend an hour a day analyzing and studying the letter. Where would your love go? The more time you have to spend thinking about how the letter is structured and what this word and that word works. Can you see how stupid that would be? And yet that is what we do every day, ever week and even every hour as we have try to earn our way into all that He is calling us to.

There are two ways to read the Bible. First we can treat it for what it is a bunch of love letters from Papa. By doing this, we read when and what we desire. We can’t get away from them because we don’t want to. The second way is to just announce that you were going to read the letters an hour a day. Although you say the focus is the author, in reality the focus begins to be on the time. So many Christians are into the discipline at all

So as you go through this week, remember that it’s about relationship and not discipline Let’s be lovers who choose be together. Lovers don’t read their letters because of discipline. Neither should we read the Scriptures out of discipline. Instead, we should be reading them and pursuing Him as the ultimate lover.

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