Friday, May 6, 2011

Back Home Again

It’s always good to go to the beach, but it is always good to come home again too. Except for the fact that home is messy and needs to be cleaned. Of course the grass needs to be cut as well. I did get the grass cut this afternoon, and I went to Publix, but that’s all that I was able to get done. Well, tomorrow will be a day off, and hopefully I will get caught up with all that I have to do.

As we were going home this afternoon, Bud, Cathy and I were talking about the Cross. Jesus did take all of our sins and all the curses we have on the cross and they were dealt with. But at the same token, why do so many Christians live under those curses? Why is it that even though we no longer have a sin nature, we still sin?

As far as sin goes, I think it is because we have been told by the church for so long that we are sinners, we act like we are. Until we realize that in our identity there is no sin we will not be able to walk without sin. This is going to take teaching and people who are willing to step into new things. But what about curses? If “The Curse” was broken at the Cross, then we should not be affected by curses that we are obviously affected by. Sure, it’s easy to say that all the curses were dealt with on the cross. I really do believe that. It’s just that positionally, there are many Christians walking under some of those curses that were supposed to be broken.

So what are we to do? I believe that it is our job to show those who are walking under the curses a lie that they believe. Obviously they believe a lie, otherwise the would be free from all the curses because the Cross has set them free. That’s what we do in Sozo. We try to expose lies so that people can see the truth. By seeing the truth, then a person can get set free very easily.

I know in my mind that Jesus did everything on the Cross. I know that. And yet sometimes I find myself believing one of those lies. It is easy to do, that’s why we as believers need others to help keep us on track spiritually. I think that the good news for me is that we have good ties with everyone around. This is important. Intimacy is important. It is with intimacy that we truly know His will in our lives.

Well, this is all for tonight. It is really good to be home.

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