Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Doing a Double

The last day of May! Tomorrow is June first and summer is rushing in like a river that breaches its dam. It feels like summer, I just went outside on the screen porch to write but it was to hot and muggy. So here I am back in my rocker as usual. I really do like summer better than winter except for one thing. I would love to be sitting here by the fire in my rocker. I tend to write better by the fire. I guess that will be a few months, if I survive until then. Anyway, I am just glad to be here tonight. Today I worked a double shift. It was unlike most of the double shifts I have worked in the past because I had to teach both periods and it went from 5Am this morning until 7PM tonight. Yes, I did have an hour and a half off for lunch so it wasn’t that bad. But still it was a 14-hour day. I didn’t see how Jennifer works the hours she works as a nurse. My work was a lot easier and less stressful than hers but I was still worn out.

If I recall, it’s the first time in over four years that I have ever done a double like that. I certainly wouldn’t recommend it. It definitely leads to a long day and night. But here I am, sitting at my laptop, waiting for an inspired word from Papa. But tonight I think He is calling me to dig deep into my heart for something that He has given me. As I reflect on all that he has given me, I think one of the biggest gifts that I have from Him is the ability to see Him for who He is, even when circumstances would try to push me down and away from all that He is trying to accomplish. I can be in a dark storm that is affecting almost everything around me, and within five minutes be at total piece even though the circumstances have not changed. He has taught me, and developed within me the ability live above the storms. Sure, I sometimes find myself down in the middle of them., but for the most part, I can soar above the storms.

So whether I gain the victory by relaxing in the midst of trials, or I just look past the situations, the truth is that I am going to overcome. It’s like David. Before He became the slayer of Goliath, He had slain a lion and bear. Each of these were just as important. I have overcome many little things. I have had my lion and bear experience. Now it is time to go after Goliath. He is going to be in there, but I have a greater power at my side. The Holy Spirit is our guide and our comforter. He will lead us into the freedom that we haven’t experienced. But in order for Him to lead us, we have to learn to hear Him and then to obey. Obedience is the currency of heaven. But it’s obedience without an agenda.

It’s the obedience in the little things that lead to victory in the big things. Once we have seen God move in our lives, we can have the vision that He can move in our lives again. The funny thing is that He usually doesn’t move in the same way that we think He will. No, He does things that are certainly unexpected in our lives. So, when we continue to obey in the small things, He will continue to teach us and show us how to be standing later when the world about us seems to be shaking. It’s good to be at peace, no matter what the circumstances. Jesus is the giver of the peace and no circumstance can shake that peace if you keep your focus on Him and His love.

So, I am grateful to have been able to work a double today. I am so thankful for my health and life. I am very thankful for the job that he has given me to help provide for all my needs and many of my wants. I am extra thankful that He understands and loves ne even when I blow it. His peace sustains me in the midst of all my trials and triumphs.

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