Friday, May 13, 2011

The Next Dimension

I probably watch way too much Science Fiction. I also have a good imagination and that leads me to think about things that I know absolutely nothing about. I often find myself thinking about different things; things like what is Heaven like? Where is it? I also fond myself wondering how we can interact more on this earth with the Heavenly realm. I mean, if God created all the Earth, then He made all the rules we live by. So he make the force of gravity to keep us from floating around into space, He made centrifugal force to keep us from flying off into the woods when we go around a curve. All of Physics and Chemistry; all of Biology and everything in nature He made. They are all laws in motion.

But just as He gave us a New Covenant to fulfill the law and then released grace that seems to trump the effects of the Law, don’t you think He could do something like that in the Physical as well. Which is harder, “Your Sins are forgiven” or “Rise, Take up your bed and walk”? Why is it we are so ready to accept what He has done spiritually, but have such a hard time physically? I believe it is because we can’t see what happens Spiritually, so to us it seems like it would be easier. I mean we can see the physical effects of gravity of all the natural forces. WE think that they cannot be overcome, but can they? Yes, Jesus walked on water. There have been many other documented miracles.

My favorite line in the Matrix is when Morpheus tell Neon that “Some rules can be broken and others can be bent”. I believe that is what happens every time we see the Kingdom of God invade earth. The rules of the Kingdom are far superior to the physical rules we live by here on earth. The rules here have to bend when they come in conflict with the Kingdom rules. Our problem as believers is the same Neo had. Until He believed, he couldn’t bend or break the old rules. Once He know the new reality, He could move in and out of it. That’s where I want to be and where I am heading. The new reality of the Kingdom of God manifesting everywhere I am. Then I can move and operate in the Kingdom rules and bypass the physical rules.

I see Heaven as another dimension. It is right beside us, but we can’t see it. Every now and then we are able to reach across the membrane that separates us and pull something from Heaven into earth. It is times like these when we see the miracles and major healings. But those times are increasing. I think that through intimacy, prayer and trust that we can cause the membrane that separates us from the true reality gets thinner and it is easier to step across and operate in the new system.

We really do live in the Matrix. We so think that our life here is so real and so important. But the true reality is life in the Kingdom of God. That is where true happiness lies. Sure, this life is important. It is the training ground for living in the Kingdom. We need to train and be as excellent as we can be because things are changing, all the time.

So we have to chose to live in this world while constantly looking for ways to bend and break the rules. We live in this world while pressing up against the membrane that separates Heaven and Earth, always trying to pull the true reality of Heaven into this shadow of life that we find ourselves in. I know that the more we press into the Kingdom, the more we will see it overflow into our daily lives. This is a quest that will take me into realms where I have never been, and as Captain Kirk says “To go boldly where no man has gone before." It’s fun being a pioneer!

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  1. yep, i'm with you on that one tom, it's a fun journey. jesus gave us so many clues... the kingdom is like..., the kingdom of god is like... we don't always understand the clues, but as we do the kingdom stuff, it starts making sense. and it's fun!

    blessings, al.