Tuesday, May 24, 2011


What do you dream about? Do you dream about things or events? Or do you dream about life in a different setting? I know that I have had many dreams about many different things. I don’t think any of these dream areas are wrong, they just show us where our heart is focused. I know that before Delta hired me and when I wasn’t flying, I dreamed constantly of flying again. So I guess that is where my heart was focused. So looking about where your dreams are focused really give you an insight into your heart.

Most of my dreams the past few years have been dreams of seeing people healed and set free. They are dreams of seeing the Kingdom expanded, so I know that my focus has been on the Kingdom. But right now my dreams are mixed. I still dream of seeing people healed, and helping lead this next generation into their destiny. That is still the same. But I am also dreaming of life again. I’m dreaming of travel and ministry in partnership with another person. I never knew that I could dream like that again.

The Kingdom of God covers so much territory. I believe that the dreams one has can propel you into destiny. I know that my destiny is wrapped up in this new dynamic. I am happy with that because I have seen what God wants to do through us over these next years. So, what are your dreams? It’s easy to say that you don’t know. That’s the easy answer, but it is usually a lie. Don’t be ashamed of your dreams. We shouldn’t measure them against the dreams of another. This isn’t a contest and dreams are just an indication of what your calling is for the present time. It doesn’t mean that it is your life’s work.

I believe dreams are like a light that shows the next step. Just because your dreams are different doesn’t mean that they are wrong. Quite the contrary, they are clues to where you are and where you are going. They are an exciting piece of the puzzle of life and destiny. If you are open to the Holy Spirit, he can change your dreams. It’s His idea anyway to help us to reach the 21st century. Yes I know that we are in the 22hd century, but some of us have to go slow to understand. That’s OK.

So in conclusion, don’t be afraid to dream, and don’t be afraid to share your dreams. We are all in process, and by sharing your dreams, Holy Spirit can open you up to the next level. We live in exciting times and Papa just wants us to let Him love on us. AS He loves, our dreams change and mature. I can’t wait to see you all and how much you have been changed.

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