Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day 2011

I know today has to be hard on my girls. It’s a special day for them to be celebrated as the great Mother’s that they are. But it is also a reminder of what they have lost in Julia’s death. I wish that I could hold them and take away any pain, but life really doesn’t work like that. It can help, but it doesn’t ever take all the pain away. Jennifer and Lisa are both great mothers, and I just want to honor them tonight. They both love their girls dearly and both would do anything for them. Each of them balance work and home life to the best of their ability. So as I think about today, I want to honor them in particular.

But in reality, all mothers really need to be honored. It’s very hard to raise children, especially now. Mother’s are required to be most anything from caddy to drive them around to the teacher who helps them learn math. Yes. There is a lot to do in today’s job description. The girl’s had a good teacher in Julia. She loved them both dearly, and although she could be tough, she was always caring. I can remember many of the conversations we had about the girls and all the destiny that God had for them. She really, really loved them both.

Today we had a number of mothers win different “awards” at church. Everything from the mother with the most kids to the most recent mother. It was a fun time. Then we gave every mother there a rose. It was a great idea. The children gave a rose to the ones that were their mother’s. Then we handed a rose to all the mothers. I think everyone was blessed.

Tonight I started a new workweek. It’s going to be busy and I know that I am going to be very tired. I will be late getting in for the next three nights. I got off a little early tonight, that’s how I was able to get this post completed before midnight. The bad news is that I will be working 12 out of the next 14 days. I will be very busy. Well, it is a new week. Tomorrow I will go and apply for a new passport. I’ve looked over and over again. I hope that it will come within the next 4 – 6 weeks. I’ve had a passport for years, that’s the first time I have ever lost one. It’s still frustrating.

So, as I close for the night I just want to take this final opportunity to wish each of you a very Happy Mother’s Day. You all deserve everything that you are given. Probably much more.

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