Thursday, May 26, 2011

How do You Live?

What is important to you in your life? For some reason I was thinking about that tonight. I guess it’s because I am going to have family all over the nation. Sheryl’s son is in California; her daughter is in Atlanta; Lisa will be in Alaska and Jennifer will be in South Florida. It’s a good thing I do work for an airline. I couldn’t afford to go see them all. But back to my original question; How do you live? In other words, what is most important to you in life? To many people that question is easy to answer. They do it every day. They are slaves to their work, and getting that next promotion means more to them than anything. It’s easy to be like that.

Personally, I never thought that it was the case for me, but then after I retired, I realized how much my personality and worth was tied up in me being a Captain with Delta. It’s interesting how Papa used many different circumstances to heal me in that area. Some of it was discipline, but even that was His love and grace. So today, I am not the same person that I was even two or three years ago. That is a good thing. My focus had to change. You become what you focus on, and I had to shift my focus on what I could do to what He wanted to do. It took a little more time than I anticipated, but it did happen.

So we have to ask ourselves almost daily; where is my focus today? What am I putting ahead of you, Papa? And How do I prioritize every aspect of my life? A lot of it has to do with priorities. My first and foremost priority had to be with Father, Son and Holy Spirit. They have to have the inner circle of my life. My second priority has to be my wife, lover, partner friend. She has a spot that has to be kept safe for her and her alone. This is and area that I will have to work on over time as I move into the next phase of life. Then come my children and grand children. After that will come my job and all that comes with it. Almost in the same circle is the ministry that I have been called to.

Notice here, became this is a big point. God is in the first circle, but my ministry to Him is the 4th circle. That is what I mean by what everything looks like. The bad news is that it is so easy to violate these areas and get things mixed up. I learned a great lesson and I don’t allow these levels of commitment to violate each other as much as I used to. The key is keeping everyone in their proper tent.

I know that as I transition, He will use me in ways that I haven’t imagined. It’s exciting to know all that He is about to do, even though I don’t have any desire to go back to where I was. It’s always time to move forward. Well, it’s late for me, but I would love pray more for those on your who are new to this process. It is what life is really all about: choices and how we will relate to them. I’ve made a lot of choices in the past few days, what are your choices.

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