Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Day 261 - Youth Conference Begins

This blog is for Tuesday September 28th, US time. We have finally begun to do what we came here to do. The youth conference started tonight. We are meeting in a tent and we didn’t have any rain today, so it dried out o little. Yesterday there was a couple if inches of mud and water all through the tent. The leaders and kids did a great job of helping to clean it out and dry it up as much as possible. Then they put plastic and carpet down up front to prevent a mud whole from developing. Hopefully the chances of rain are decreasing. It looks like a cold front is coming through drying things out as well as lowering the temperature.

Worship was great tonight although it was very loud; much louder that even I am used to. But it was good and you could really sense the presence of God in the place. When I saw the tent for the first time today, I immediately had the phrase “Tent of Meeting” come to mind. Of course that in the Old Testament represented the Tabernacle. I felt that God has chosen to meet with us in the tent as we gave Him the sacrifice of worship and praise to Him. Tonight that was the case and I feel that it will only increase as the week goes on.

Scott talked and did a great job as usual. His testimony always unlocks the hearts of anyone who hears it. Tonight was no exception. He was very anointed and the ministry time was very strong as we prayed and ministered to probably well over 100 kids as they came down to the alter. Tonight was like a time of decision. Are you going after what God has for you? Or if you weren’t a believer; are you willing to trust God and take a step into all that He has called you to be? Anyway, it was a very good night and a great start for what appears to be an awesome camp. The Aussies are hungry for more of God, and I know that He will continue to show up and minister to them.

During the day today, we got to take a walk around the grounds and just hang out outside around the house. It’s absolutely beautiful. It sure is a blessing to be able to stay here. We start early tomorrow with an 8AM pickup, so I had better get to bed. I’m looking for even better things tomorrow.

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