Thursday, September 2, 2010

Day 235 - Hurricane Earl

It’s hurricane season and having kids and grandkids that live along the coast; I’m always vigilant to watch what is going on. Jennifer has lived in Jacksonville and now Ft Lauderdale (only 1,5 miles from the ocean). Lisa has lived in Pensacola Fl, Corpus Christi TX, Mobile Al and now outside of Norfolk Va. So we have been constantly praying against weather patterns and violence through storms. This year is no exception. As I began to plan my trip to Virginia this weekend, I had to factor in the possibility of Earl. As the week progressed, it became more and more likely that Earl might impact my travel plans. But even more than that, was the possibility that Earl could do great damage and affect millions of people along the east coast. So I have been praying and declaring. I’m sure that I am not alone, there are probably thousands even hundreds of thousands of prayers going up for Earl to turn east away from the shore. As of the last report it looks like the turn has begun. I have seen hurricane damage up close with Hurricane Ivan in Pensacola. It is terrible and devastating. I pray constantly for those in the possible path of such a powerful oncoming storm.

Anyway, it looks like I will be able to make my flight in the morning to Newport News VA. I should land about 10 AM and I will stay at Lisa’s until Monday morning when I will fly back to Atlanta. I worked this afternoon and didn’t get home until after 7. It’s now after 9 and I still have to pack and take care of some other stuff before I go to bed. It could be a long night. It will be good to see Anna Roan and Julia again. Julia is almost standing up by herself. It’s hard to believe that she will be eight months soon. Kids grow up so fast, especially at that age. As I sit here in my rocking chair tonight I am at peace, but I am also tired. I didn’t get to run or workout today and sometimes I think that I am more tired on the days I don’t get any exercise. I don’t know if that makes any sense, but I really believe it’s true.

I’m going to talk about something, and I don’t want any of you to think for one minute that I am crazy or about to go off the deep end. I’m not, I love life, and I look to the future with great anticipation. I know that I have a destiny to fulfill and I await with eagerness all that God is going to do with me and through me. At the same time the quote by Paul in Philippians where he says: “For me, to live is Christ, and to die is gain.” This quote has taken on new meaning over the past few months. I’m not being morbid and definitely not suicidal. But this is how we as believers should really feel. It’s just that I didn’t really feel that way until after Julia died. Now, sometimes I feel that heaven is so close I can just reach out and touch it. The thought of dying doesn’t scare me in the least. I am ready at anytime. At the same time, for me to live is Christ. There is so much to do, and so much to intercede for.

Of course I want to be around to help my children and grandchildren. I want to bring this next generation into revival. But Heaven is always so close. I can go to bed at night and almost feel it. In many ways I’m envious of Julia that she is already there and I’m not. But I know that she wants me to finish what we started. I know that my dream a few days ago had a deeper meaning as I thought about it. She was telling me that she was waiting for me, saving me a place, but I needed to do what was in front of me. So here is my course. I am going to continue to pursue revival and bring the Kingdom of God down to earth with all my heart. My passion is for revival and transformation. It will be as long as I am here. I am doing to do my best to stay healthy and live a long full life. The key is living a full life. I will continue to be who I am and take risks, but not to excess. That is my heart. At the same time, part of my heart is already in the next dimension. So I will constantly be trying to step over and pull from Heaven into earth. My goal is to have joy and peace in this world and the next. Sooner or later though, I will step over and not come back. When that happens, just know that I am very happy and at true peace.

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