Monday, September 27, 2010

Day 259 - Planes, Trains and Automobiles

This blog is for Sunday the 26th in the USA. My laptop has died. I'm not sure if it's the battery or hard drive. At this point it doesn't matter. I'm on a train typing this on my IPhone. I'll get someone to post it whenever I can email it to them. I think it's the battery. But for tonight it doesn't matter.

I woke up this morning feeling good, but I had a sense that things were in flux. I really didn't know what so I didn't worry about it. I made some coffee and read a little then I went to McDonalds and checked my email and sent some emails out. The Internet connection wasn't great but I did get to talk to John and Biddie via Skype. I really needed to list for my flight and check on other things. I decided to bite the bullet and go BA k to the room to connect with the hotel's Internet at a charge of 20 dollars for the day. It turns out it was worth it. I checked the Qantas flights and they all looked sold out. The Virgin Blue flights looked the same. I tried to list on the quantas flight. free over thirty minutes of holding. I finally got to talk to the agent. She said everything was sold out until after 5PM. I said that I would standby for the 6Am flight Until I got on one.

But I didn't feel right. Normally I would just standby knowing that all I needed was one seat. But I wasn't comfortable. Was it fear or a warning in my spirit? I always figure it is fear and then go against it. But I wasn't sure. So I thought for a minute. I really need to get to Brisbane tomorrow. Australia reminds me so much of England. Intact it is as if God moved England down here with a better climate. If it is like England then it must have a good train system. So I goggled Australian trains and found that there was train from Sydney to Brisbane. The only problem was it left at 4PM and arrived at 6;30AM. 14 hours. Not fun. But I really felt that I needed to check it out. I walked over to the train station and I bought Ticket. No could cancel anytime before 4PM.

So I went sightseeing to Darling Harbor. I ate a great lunch of Fish and Chips with a great view. The more I thought about the train, the more I felt I should take it. Another adventure , why not? So I went back to the hotel to check out. I kept questioning my reasoning. Why was I so sure about not making my flight? Was I being paranoid? Was I giving into fear? Well I was taking the train.

So here I am. Four hours into a fourteen hour train ride. What should have been an hour and a half flight. But here is the rest of the story. In the seat next to me is a nice young lady with two boys. The boys are three and a half and two. So you can imagine how quiet this ride is. The girl is married to a Quantas pilot. Yesterday. Virgin Blue airways lost their computer system and canceled over 100 flights. This overbooked every flight out of Sydney for the next two days. She was riding the train because it was the only way to get to Brisbane. Oh I forgot to say it was a school holiday week. If I hadn't taken this train ride I would probably still be in Sydney two days from now.

Now I know that it wasn't fear that I was feeling. It was Holy Spirit warning me. I have to listen more carefully. I hate fear and always want to fight it. But sometimes it's not fear. I have to learn to tell the difference. The good news is that I did learn to hear the Spirit. So I will be in Brisbane tomorrow. I am learning so much just watching families interact.

That's enough typing with my iPhone. Hopefully my computer will work when it is plugged in. (It does!). So that’s it for tonight. It’s time to settle in for a long ride. I’ve always loved trains. Hopefully I still will after this trip.

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