Monday, September 13, 2010

Day 246 - First Night of School

Well, I’m officially in second year. I’m excited as well as being sort of overwhelmed at how fast the schedule has picked up. I work Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, have school tomorrow night and spend all weekend in Panama City on the school retreat. Then I come back and work Monday through Friday and get on a plane for Australia next Friday night. Wow, that is busy, even for my standards. I’m going to have to try and pace myself and get a few power naps when I can work them in. I only got four hours sleep last night and it will probably be the same both tonight and tomorrow night. I will definitely get a nap in tomorrow afternoon.

Tonight worship was very good. There is something about worshiping with almost 100 people who are younger than you. There is no way that you can keep up with some of them, but many of them you can. It was just exciting to be in the presence of God. You know that people who are hungry for God draw His presence. I had a neat picture tonight while we were worshiping. It was a really intimate time, and it was like I saw a big ball like the sun. It was huge and bright. Then all of a sudden, the individual rays separated. Each ray from the sun wa focusing on an individual from the school. Each ray was like a spotlight, highlighting an individual that was worshiping. As the music got even more intense and the Presence of God got stronger, I could begin to see each person’s spirit begin to come out of their bodies and sort of float aboe them like a golden fog, floating in their image. It was so beautiful. It was as if the Spirit man wanted so much to be with God that it was trying to leave the body, but it couldn’t. It had to stay attached as long as there was life in the body. But these golden shadows, floating in the sunrays were a beautiful sight. Too bad I’m not a good artist or I would draw it.

Then Steve Hale, the pastor of Bethel Atlanta, got up and spoke about the beginnings and history of Bethel Atlanta and the school. After that we divided up into first and second year. The great thing about second year is that we get to meet with a life coach for ten sessions during the year. During this time I will try to figure out what I want to be “when I grow up”. Really a life coach analyses your strengths and helps you focus on you dreams and how ti activate them. It should be fun and very rewarding.

Part of our summer reading was to get the book “Strengths Finder 2.0”. Then you go online and take a test that determines and lists your five top strengths. The life coach will use this information to help coach you. My top five strengths were : Strategic; Activator, Adaptability; Belief and Connectedness. I was not surprised at any of them. In fact I thought that they were pretty accurate. I guess I will find out more tomorrow.

I think that’s about it for tonight. It will be another early get up tomorrow. It’s really good to be back in school. I’m looking forward the outreach.

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