Friday, September 10, 2010

Day 243 - The Weekend Begins

I had another early day this morning. The good news is that I was finished by 9AM. So I got home a little after 10. It was already beginning to get hot, so I got ma run in early and then after I had cooled off, I just took a nap. I knew that we had training tonight for the Healing team and I wanted to be sharp and not falling asleep. I had planed to cut the grass, but it really didn’t need cutting, so after I woke up I spent about an hour and a half ironing clothes. I had shirts and some shorts that had been piling up in the laundry room that really needed to be ironed. So I watched a little TV while I ironed. Then I spent time on the Internet looking at used motorcycles for sale. By then it was time to get a shower and get ready to meet Scott, Lacy and Sheryl for dinner.

The teaching by Scott was awesome. It was foundational and about the lenses that we read scripture through. How we read and interpret scripture determines how we view Father God. This parallels a book that I am reading for school about Spiritual Salves and Spiritual Sons. The teaching basically went through the old and new testament focusing on the Goodness of God. If we are to live our life as Sons and Daughters, we must believe that God is good. We need to be Sons and Daughters. Sons and Daughters receive an inheritance, slaves do not. Sons and daughters are friends with the Father and He tells them what He is doing. Slaves on the other hand have no idea of why the Father does something. They only know their task.

So here is the question for tonight. Am I, are you, living life as a Son/Daughter or as a slave? A slave will do things because He is ordered to do things, while a son will do things because of his love for the Father. It’s really about relationship. Intimacy is the key to son ship. If we learn to have relationship with Papa, then love will cause us to do everything that He wants us to do. If we don’t have relationship, we will remain a slave, and we will do things because we need to do them to be recognized. I know that for the most part, I am living life as a Son. To me it has become all about the relationship. I don’t have to work to gain approval. It’s just a matter of receiving and being. That doesn’t mean that every area of my life is completely in relationship with Papa. No, what really happens is that most of my life is lived under son ship, but there is some of it that is still listed under a slave mentality. I want every area of my life lived in son ship to the Father. To do that, I have to let Holy Spirit search my heart and reveal the areas that need repentance.

Tomorrow we have training beginning at 9AM and then I have to go to Stone Mountain at 4. That means I need to leave by 3 in order to gat there. So it will be a really busy day, which will lead into another busy day on Sunday. Sunday I will drive down to BA for church and then down to the campus for lunch and orientation. It should be a fun day! Then school starts on Monday night! And so it all begins. I am excited to see what He is going to do through the school this year. Well, it’s late, and I really need some sleep.

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