Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Day 234 - True Reality Part II

So, what really is truth? Is it true that my life here on earth will end as I know it right now? Yes. But isn’t it a greater truth that I am really an eternal being and I have a choice as to where I will spend that eternity? I have the choice now. I can choose to believe anything I want to, but Jesus the Redeemer paid a huge price for me at Calvary, and I have all the Angels and Saints in Heaven praying and pulling for me to choose to accept the gift that He gave. The thing that I know in my head but often have a hard time in my heart is this. The minute I chose Him as my Savior, everything changed. I was born again as a Son of the King.
I am an heir to all that Father has. But the truth is that I still spend most of my life acting as if I was a pauper. I remember reading the book “The Prince and the Pauper.” Remember when the pauper first came into the palace. How it took him a long time to realize that whatever He said, the servants would do. He had access to things that he could only have imagined while he was a pauper. That’s the way it is with us. We are born into the Kingdom of God, but we act as if we are still poor sinners with no access to anything of value.

It’s like we have a bank account of a million dollars, but we don’t believe it’s there. We wind up starving when we could be living a wonderful life. We’ve all heard stories about the old man who died and people thought he was poor because of the way he lived, only to fine out he had access to millions. So many times that is me. I am learning, but I have so much more to learn abot the Kigdom of God and my inheritance as a Son of the King. Many times it is just a matter of me having the faith to act on what I hear Holy Spirit saying. Sometimes it’s a matter of declaring His word and them walking in it until I see it come forth.
Truth is not just eating and drinking and living in this world. Quantum Physics and medicine tells us that what we see, hear, taste and smell are really just electrical impulses from our nervous system to our brain and that there are probably other dimensions in space that we are not aware of. Personally I really believe that heaven is right here with us beside us, and when we finally learn what we can do, then we can just reach out into that dimension and pull what we need into this dimension. I remember the story of someone seeing a room of body parts in heaven and then reaching up and pulling down the part that was needed for healing. That is true reality. That is where I want to operate.

A couple of years ago I switched from PC’s to Apple computers. The PC ran on Windows as it’s operating system. The Mac computer ran on it’s own operating system. It was totally different than windows. The Mac operating system was more stable and it had no virus problems. It was easier to run and faster. There were two different operating systems. I could choose either. That’s like the Kingdom of God and the Kingdom of this world. They are two different operating systems. We are in the Kingdom of God, but for the most part we are using the old operating system. We get by, but we are missing 99 percent of all the other things we could do. It’s like buying a Mac and using windows. You can do it, but it is very ineffective. But that is where the church is for the most part. We have all this new capability that Papa wants us to use, but we are still using the same old operating system

I know that many times I find myself believing just like the world. I have to stop and ask myself where is the difference? What is separating me from them? The truth is what seperates us. What is the truth? Jesus said “I am the way, the truth…” So Jesus separates us, but how? He used a different operating system. The key to His system and what is now our system is faith. He saw what the Father was doing and He did it. It wasn’t a matter of working up faith, He knew who He was, and He knew who His Father was. That is what I really need to come alive in me. I am praying that even more, this year, I will know who my Father is, and realize that I am a Son of the King, and everything He has access to, I have access to. I just have to learn to use the key ( faith) to open the door. But in order to be able to do that, I really need to press into His love and mercy so much. I need to see what He is doing and be willing to change my agenda to accomplish His.

It’s going to be an exciting year. We must put purselves into positions where we will fail if Papa doesn’t show up. We must be willing to be a fool if need be. I can think of worst things to be than a “fool for Jesus”.

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