Sunday, September 19, 2010

Day 251 - Markers

Steve Hale spoke tonight. He spoke on our journey to a new identity. It was a great message, one that everyone really needs to hear. One of the things he said that wasn’t really a key part of the message, but something that Holy Spirit highlighted for me was about markers. Steve said that through out our lives, we have markers; things that mark a period of our lives. These markers usually mark something significant like a special time, or a time of change. I believe that this week has been one of those markers in my life.

When I review all that has happened to me this week, I am surprised at all the supernatural activity in my life. First was the two-night vision on Supernatural transference and the second major thing was the visitation and my wedding ring being removed and placed under Julia’s pillow. That act caused me to stop wearing it on my finger and place it on a chain on my neck. Although this act doesn’t in any way change the way that I feel, I believe that it was significant in that it signifies a new era in my life.

It signifies an era of searching out and pursuing my destiny. A destiny that I had no idea I had and is just now being formulated by me. But it is a destiny known by God from the beginning of time. Yes, since He is the Alpha and the Omega. He saw the end, and can adjust the beginning. It is my job as a King, or His son, to search out the destiny He has planned for me. It really shouldn’t be that hard, I just need to follow my heart and my dreams. So, the question is what are my dreams? We spent a lot of time in our second year meeting today talking about the process of maturing and moving into ministry. That question will be dealt with more fully in another post. Now, back to the marker.

Tonight we had Baptisms. They were for some of the traditional reasons. Salvation; first time baptisms for those who were baptized as an infant, and any other traditional reasons. Steve also said that any of us who felt we wanted more from God, or wanted to mark the beginning of a new era in our lives could also be baptized. The baptisms here are special. We do them out in the ocean. Steve and Scott baptize the person, normally when a wave is approaching. We had big waves today, probably because of the remains of Hurricane Karl way down south in the gulf. The waves were probably 3 feet tall. Now Biddie Steed would say they were at least 6 feet tall, but that’s another matter. Anyway, they were tall. Well, I hadn’t signed up to get baptized. After all, I had been baptized here last year, and that time was pretty significant. But the still small voice of Holy Spirit began to talk to me. Tom, you have had a significant week and I am taking you into a new era. You need to be baptized to complete the shift. So, I put my name on the list. As I went up to Steve and Scott I told them that I was entering into a new era and wanted to mark the change. They were excited for me, and were playing like they were going to flip me. Immediately I said to them; “flip me, it will be all right”. So, as a wave was coming I went down for the baptism and they did it. I was totally flipped, feet coming out into the air and then going back in the water. When I cam up, I came up smiling a shouting. It was a new day.

Sometimes the most random spontaneous act becomes very prophetic. I believe that that “flip” in the natural has permanently “flipped” a switch in the supernatural. I believe that I will have more weeks like this past week. I will have more supernatural encounters. I am going to discover my dreams and I will reach my destiny. You see, I am His child, and one of His favorites. He loves me and wants to see me succeed. Australia is coming next weekend. I can’t wait to see what He does with us there. This week has been special. This baptism was a marker that I will look back on with joy and awe as my life moves on from here. God really is good.

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