Sunday, September 26, 2010

Day 258 - I'm "Down Under"

This blog is for Sat Sept 25th. Now officially I didn’t have a Sat; or it happened somewhere over the pacific. During the flight we crossed over the International Date Line, which means that when I landed it was already Sunday. I also crossed over the Equator which means I’m in the “Land Down Under”. Really it means they have just started spring and when you flush the toilet it drains in the opposite direction than when you flush it in Atlanta. It’s 4:20 Sunday afternoon which means it’s 2:20 Sunday morning. I hope you all are asleep as I write this.

The trip was long but the only side effects that I have are swollen ankles. I had an aisle seat on the bulkhead and it was OK for being in the back. It was only a fifteen and a half hour flight. But the in-flight entertainment system was broken. That meant no movies, no music nothing except airplane noise for over fifteen hours. I had my Iphone and computer. I finished some of my Bethel homework, listened to music, ate and then took two Advil PM. I slept for over six hours and when I woke up we still had over six hours to go. I read some more, listened to some more music and slept off and on for another two to three hours. So I did pretty good sleep wise.

We finally landed and then went to customs. It took almost an hour to clear customs and inspections. I walked around the airport for a while trying to find a map to know how to get to where I was staying. After a while I found out approximately where it was and I got on the train into downtown Sydney. After getting off at the station, I walked around looking for the hotel for almost 45 minutes. I turned the wrong way out of the station and went the long way to the hotel. Of course it was only 10AM and check in wasn’t until 2PM. So they let me change clothes and I left my luggage in the office and went out sight seeing. It was a beautiful day and I got a tour bus. It is a double decked where you ride in the open air on the top level. It tours the whole city and you can get on and off. They run about every 20 minutes. It’s a great way to see a lot in a short amount of time. I got off at a bout three different places. It really is such a beautiful city. I wish that I had been with someone else to share it with. That’s the bummer about traveling alone. Anyway I rode around and walked around until about 3:45. Then I went back to the hotel to check in.

Don’t ever believe everything you see and read on the Internet. That’s true especially when you are booking a hotel online. The room is clean. That’s about the best I can say. It’s definitely not the Marriott. Shoot, it might not even be a Motel 6. But it is clean. My room has 2 single beds. That’s OK with me, but now I know the reason the beds are single. The room isn’t wide enough for a full size beds; it’ very long and very narrow. The “Flat Screen” TV is smaller than my computer monitor. The biggest negative is that they want ten dollars an hour for access to their wireless Internet. Well McDonalds is just down the street. I guess I will go down there to post this blog tonight. But it is clean, and for two days I can live with it.

Well, I’m hungry and I need to post this. I’ll probably go to bed fairly early tonight. I want to stay up late enough to begin to get adjusted. Anyway, I will try to post again sometime tomorrow. So, from the land of the kangaroo, goodnight.

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