Sunday, September 12, 2010

Day 245 - School Begins

Wow, today was really busy. I went down to Bethel Atlanta for church because we had orientation all afternoon after church. So I drove down around 9 and got home about 6:30. I’m excited about this year, I think they have made some good changes to enhance the program. Today was an example. Instead of spending all the class time doing this registration and going over the schedule and rules, we got all of that out of the way today. That means we can actually get started with class work tomorrow night. That really gives us an extra week of actual schoolwork. We have 31-second year students and around 65- first year students. We also have 10 third year students as interns.

I’m co-leading the outreach to Little Five Points. I think that’s great, especially since I used to hang out in that area at my grandmother’s house when I was growing up. Little Five Points is the new age capital in Atlanta. There is also a satanic church meeting there when we will be there. It is a place where the Kingdom of God needs to be released, and where we radical revivalist are going to love on the people and call down Heaven. We will have a prophetic booth and also just minister to anyone on the street that will talk with us. We have to depend upon Holy Spirit showing up in power because this is not a place where just discussion will prevail. W e have to show that our God is THE God. The only way to do that is through power encounters such as healings and deliverance and just releasing the Father’s love into everyone we meet.

So tomorrow night school starts with class beginning at 6PM. I work early in the morning and I will come home and then f=drive back down. That’s a lot of driving but I have to so some things up here, so I’ll just deal with it. This coming weekend we will all meet in Panama City Beach for our school retreat. It will be a good time of bonding and really getting to know some of the new students. We have six new students from RiverStone for a total of eight in the school. I can’t wait to see what God is going to do with us this year.

Today is Julia Anne’s 8th month birthday. It’s hard to believe that it has been eight months. But when you look at how much she has grown and how active she is, it’s not hard to think that she is that old. What surprised me as I thought about Julia Anne’s birth today was that I had let the 8th and 11th slip by. I can’t believe that I didn’t remember it was the 8th this month and I was so focused on 9/11 I forgot about the 11th being the day of Julia’s Celebration Service. I don’t know whether that is a goo thing or a bad thing. Part of me wants to feel guilty that I forgot about the days while another part of me says that it is good, just a sign of healing in your life.

I’m not to sure which it is, but I do know that I am not going to worry about it. I love Julia and honor her memory. So if I forget, then it is probably as it should be. If I remember it is probably as it should be. It is still hard to realize that it has been eight months since her death. Eight months, that means I’ve been writing this blog this long. But the hardest part is not seeing Julia coming around the corner in the house, or giving me a call. It’s especially hard that I don’t have her to call and talk to at work or on my way home from school. I really miss just talking to her, whether it was in person or on the phone.

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  1. That's awesome... about the Bethel school... perfect leadership for you!! Can't wait to hear MORE!