Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Day 248 - Supernatural Transference

I had tonight’s plan already laid out in my head. I would grill out, nad watch a little TV. It’s the only night this week that I get to stay home. So, the first part went well. I grilled out and made a salad. Dinner was great. Then I started watching one of the two TV programs that I wanted to watch and the next thing you know I was sound asleep. Well, I just woke up and turned the TV off. I figured that I had better get my blog done and then go to bed. I already had a nap this afternoon, but obviously I need some more sleep. So, this will be posted a little early tonight.

On Monday night’s blog I spoke of a vision, or picture, that I had of the sun with each individual ray hitting individual students on the head. It was much more intense than it sounds as I write about it. Then as the sun’s rays continued to hit us, our Spirit Man/Woman was coming as far out of our body as it could, being drawn to the sun. I think that I said that it was as if our Spirit was doing it’s best to interact with the Spirit of God. The intimate nature of worship was just so strong that our Spirit wanted so much to go up, as the Spirit of God was coming down. Well last night during worship at the school that vision continued.

It picked up right where it left off. Our spirit men/women were reaching out of our body interacting with God’s Spirit when something else happened. Picture yourself out in a field on a early morning. The grass is wet from the dew, and the sun is bright. As the sun warms the grass, the dew begins to transform into steam vapor and rises off the grass. That is what was happening to our Spirit man. There was a vapor coming of and rising toward the sun. That vapor was mixing with a vapor coming of the sun and it was falling back down on to us. I felt Holy Spirit tell me that that was our DNA going up to heaven during worship, mixing with God’s DNA and coming back down on us as Supernatural DNA. The longer that we worshiped, the more we were covered with His supernatural DNA and the more we were changed ti be like Him. That was a great vision, but it wasn’t over.

As we were all doing this together corporately we were getting our own Supernatural DNA, but there were Angles around watching. They were smiling and having fun. Every now and then, one of the Angles would move his wing and mix up the air. Then the DNA’s would all get mixed up. We would begin to get the Supernatural DNA of other people in the room mixed up with ours. There was a supernatural transference of gifting and anointing taking place as we worshiped. So corporate worship was even more powerful than individual worship. Yes, we were worshiping individually but that individual worship done together became a corporate event that has reshaped us all.

I believe that this vision is a powerful picture of what actually happens in the Spirit as we worship. Worship is so much more than just singing songs or listening to a preacher. It is a time to open our selves up to the Father. It is a time to become vulnerable to the Holy Spirit. It is a time to commune with Jesus. It’s all these things and more. It doesn’t matter whether you are listening to Hymns or to contemporary music or just to instruments. Whatever it takes for you to release yourself and embrace Him. When that happens, our DNA changes. It mixes with His and becomes Supernatural. Then we begin to realize who we are in Him and how we are made for supernatural acts. Then we begin to realize that we can bring down the Kingdom of God into this world. We not only can, it is our mandate. It is our mandate as believers to release the Kingdom of God in fullness on the earth. The only way to do it is to become like Him. We become like Him as we get His DNA, supernaturally through worship.

I truly believe that this is one of the most important visions that I have ever had. As I begin to live in this revelation, things in the atmosphere around me will begin to shift. I believe that things will shift around you too.

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