Friday, September 3, 2010

Day 236 - It's Friday; It must be Virginia!

Praise God, Earl turned to the Northeast early this morning. I know it was early because I was up at 4AM getting ready to fly up here. God is so good. None of the flights were canceled and I even rode First Class this morning up to Newport News VA. I have two choices when I fly up. Newport News or Norfolk. Both are equidistant to Lisa, but the drive over to Newport News is usually much easier. So that is where I will try to fly into most of the time. There are less flights and smaller planes to Newport News than to Norfolk, but today it worked great. It looks good going home on Monday too.

It is really good to see Anna and Julia again. Anna’s almost four and has an amazing personality. Julia never stops. She will be walking before you know it. She seems to be constantly on the move and I have never seen a baby crawl sooo fast. Of cours it is always good to see Lisa. Then throw in the two dogs, Jazzy and Lily. This is the first quiet time that I have had since I landed at 10AM. I know the next few days are going to fly by.

How can we underestimate the power of love? When I look at both my daughters and all my granddaughters I am just so overwhelmed with love. I just want good things for them. I would do anything for them if I thought it would help them in any way. If I can feel that way, how much more does Papa love us. Our love, as big as it seems to us, is nothing compared to His love for us. He already paid the ultimate price by sacrificing His son so that we might be brought back to Him as sons and daughters. How can we feel lonely of in despair? If we only knew! I mean really knew with our heart, not our head.

So we still need to learn to receive His love. He has given it; it’s ours to receive or to reject. I’ve been writing a lot these past few days about choices. But in reality, our choices help define our lives and our destiny. I remember the movie “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade”. Indy was in the crypt with the Knight’s Templar. He was to choose the “chalice” or the cup of Christ. It was the cup that Christ took communion with. As the movie goes, it had healing powers, and all the rest of the cups were poison. The old Knight’s words, “Choose Wisely”, still ring in my ears after fifteen or twenty years. It’s amazing how some things stay with you. But the words “Choose Wisely” are so important.

So, if our choices help define us, and they do. Then we need to choose wisely. In order to do that we really need to be in tune with Papa, Jesus and Holy Spirit. Wherever there are blockages in our relationship with the Godhead, there are opportunities to miss our destiny. My heart must be pure and open. I have to let Holy Spirit continue to search me. I can’t search myself; He has to search me. But in order for Him to be able to do it, I have to give Him permission.

So, here we are again. What choices will I make tomorrow? What choices did I make today? I really want to choose wisely.

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