Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Day 241 - Getting Ready

Sometimes you just get caught up in things that really don’t matter. Last night after I finished my blog I was just channel surfing before I went to bed and there it was. AMC is running Dirty Harry week with Clint Eastwood. Magnum Force was playing and had just started. Sure, it would be 1AM before it was over. Well, I thought I would watch a little of it. Wrong! I wound up watching the whole thing. It was fun and I enjoyed the movie again. But was it worth staying up that late? Probably not. I could have recorded it, but I have so much from last year I haven’t watched that I figured that I would never get to it.

Isn’t life like that? We get intrigued about something that really doesn’t mean much, then we say we will watch just a little. Pretty soon, we are totally involved in something that we really don’t have time for and it is totally off track as to where God is calling us and what we are supposed to be focusing on. It doesn’t have to be sin. Most of the time, if we are believers, sin is far from our minds. No, it is the little things, even the good things, which we get caught up in. I think of the parable of the soils and how there was good soil but the seeds and thorns overtook the fruit,

OK, watching a good 70’s Dirty Harry movie didn’t derail me from anything that God has for my destiny. It’s just an example. We need to constantly reevaluate our priorities based on what Holy Spirit is telling us today. The good is alwlays the enemy of the best. Just because we were called to do something last year, doesn’t mean we are to keep doing it for the rest of our life. We are to continually grow in the Kingdom. That means we can’t stand still. We can’t rest on what we have accomplished. No we have to continue to get ready for the next assignment, the next adventure. Too many times I think that because I have done something well that I am supposed to continue doing it. This year has been a year of change for me; that change isn’t over. I really feel as I write this even, Holy Spirit is saying “get ready”. I’ve learned that when He tells me to get ready, that change is coming.

Since my life is so full of change anyway, I have no idea what He is talking about. But I have faith that he will show me as I begin to get ready. Well, I am getting ready. I’m getting ready for school, for Australia. I’m getting ready to lead an outreach. I can only be effective doing so much. I have to work some, so I know that is a part. But as I get ready, I am beginning to get excited. I know that this school year will be an awakening in me. I don’t really know what in me has been sleeping. But I feel like I’m on the edge of a cliff with one of those hang gliders. I know that sometime this year I am going to have to step off that cliff and trust that the wind of the spirit will fill my sails and take me to higher places than I have ever been. If you have ever jumped out of an airplane, and I have once, you realize that that first step is where all the fear and what if’s lie in attack. Once you take that leap, then the adrenalin and excitement and adventure take over. You have to take the first step. You have to be willing to overcome fear and doubt. Faith is action. But before you take the first step, you have to get ready.

No matter whether you are riding a motorcycle or jumping out of an airplane or doing something new in the Kingdom, you have to get ready. If you are jumping out of an airplane, you have to make sure your parachute is packed properly and you have it on correctly. Riding a motorcycle, you have to make sure you have the proper equipment and you know how to ride. In the Kingdom, you have to make sure you have heard God and that you are called. You have to be willing to risk and give up all you have done before. We all need to get ready. Times are changing quickly. We are being called to something new, and we must be ready to answer the call.

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