Monday, September 6, 2010

Day 239 - Blessed Beyond Belief

Well, it’s always good to be home. But I do miss the girls already. I guess this is part of the “new normal”. Seeing one set of granddaughters in Ft Lauderdale and then seeing the other set in Virginia. The good news is that we will all be together for Christmas. The bad news is that it’s going to be hard to work in trips to see them for the next couple of months. From now until the middle of October, my calendar is full with work, school or trips. I think that there is something on the schedule for everyday.

Tonight we had dinner and a movie over at the house again. I grilled chicken and onions while Biddie brought a salad and Cathy brought some vegetables. It was a great dinner. The movie was Godfather II. It’s over three hours long and we just finished. It has always been my favorite and it was great tonight. It’s still hard to believe that Bud and Cathy had never seen the Godfather series. Julia and I used to watch it at least once a year. OK, Julia really watched it because she loved me, not necessarily the movies. But this series is one of the classics that you have to watch again from time to time.

Looking back on the weekend I really had a good time with Lisa and the girls. There is just something about a 4 year old and 8 month old that always keeps your interest. There was never a dull moment. I know that Lisa wishes that there were a few more dull moments, but I was laughing most of the weekend at all the things the girls were doing. This morning saying goodbye, Anna just hugged my neck and wouldn’t let go for a few seconds. Right then, I just could have stayed and as I walked into the airport I was thinking about Julia and how much she loved all the girls. So Julia, I know that that hug was for Nana too. Anna said at least once that Nana was in Heaven and some day we would be there to, but it would be a while. She is so right, someday we will be there, and it probably will be a while.

The flight home was easy and I did get a run in. So here I am in my rocker. I just sit here thanking Papa for my family; all of them. I am truly blessed and I know it. What I realize as I sit here is that I really don’t take the time that I should just to thank Him for all that He has done in my life and with my family. We were talking tonight about how people are so quick to blame God when bad things happen. We have to look at our lives as if they are being played out in an environment with certain rules. God initially set up the rules to give us free will. How could we choose to love Him, which is what He wants if that was the only choice we had. So Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden had a lot of good choices they could make. But there was one bad choice. There had to be that ability to choose against God or we would have been slaves instead of Sons and Daughters.

But with the choices came consequences. The consewuence for choosing the tree of the knowledge of good and evil was that sin and evil came into the world. Now, we cant just blame Adam, we have done enough to being it in if he hadn’t. But with sin came sickness, disease and every other bad thing. The “rules” have them just play out where they will. But as we are learning, we can “bend and sometimes break” the rules. This occurs when we call the Kingdom of Heaven down to Earth. When Heaven shows up, the rules change and so do the results. The main problem we have is that we really are just learning our authority and power to be able to call Heaven down. I believe that Papa wants us to bend and break the rules a lot more than we are able to do right now. It’s our job as believers to continue to seek to release the Kingdom of God, thus bending the rules wherever we go. That’s what I want and what I am going after. It’s exciting. There is no one to blame; it’s just how it is. We need to learn to color outside the line a lot more. Why not join me?

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