Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Day 247 - Power Naps are Good

I guess flying airplanes at all times of the day for over 32 years taught me to sleep whenever I could grab the opportunity. In my mind I know that I need to get consistent sleep at night, and I will, but just not this week. Having said that, my power nap this afternoon was great. I was able to sleep pretty soundly for almost two hours. Right now I feel pretty good. I guess the question really is how will I feel in about four hours when I have to get up. The nap was needed this afternoon, and I will probably get another one tomorrow afternoon.

I can already tell that my blogs are going to be late on the nights that I have school. I forgot how late they were last year. It’s hard to come right in and sit down and start writing, but that’s pretty much what I have to do on Monday and Tuesday nights. I don’t know when I will get them posted while I’m at the beach retreat this weekend. Last year I wasn’t writing during the retreat. Last year, Julia and I were at Perdido Key with John and Biddie, and I left them to go to the retreat. Wow, things have sure changed. If I wasn’t working in the morning, I would probably go with some of the students to Waffle House to hang out after class. It sounds like they are having fun, and I don’t really have to be home at any time. It’s different not having anyone waiting to talk to you or share with at home.

My third top strength is adaptability. That really means that I embrace change. That has always been true. I just never thought I would have to embrace this change. But I have, and now life is different. It’s good, but it is different without Julia. By my saying that life is good; I mean it. Life is good. That doesn’t mean I don’t miss her terribly and always wish she were here. But I have to embrace life as it is. So, I choose to have a good life. It’s pretty simple really. In the midst of my complicated schedule, it is really a simple life. I go where and when I want to go, and do what I need to do. That’s simple. In that regard, I like it. I have to get used to the being alone part, but God is good, and Holy Spirit, Papa and Jesus are always with me.

Tonight at school was awesome. When we were on top of Stone Mountain we were told that first year was like being invited to a party while second year was like throwing the party. I can already tell that I like throwing the party better. Last year was awesome. But I can already tell that this year is going to be even better. Tonight was just great. Worship was awesome, and prophetically God did some great things. Also class was fun and we ended forming a fire tunnel for the first year students. We now have 11 students from RiverStone. That’s about 10 percent of the total students and over 15 percent of first year students. I can see that we are going to have an impact on Bethel Atlanta even as they have an impact on RiverStone. It is so good to see all of them in first year. I want to do everything that I can to make them successful.

Well, tomorrow is my last early get up this week. It’s late now, so I had better call it a night. I really hope that I get a chance to visit with Papa before I fall asleep.

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