Saturday, September 18, 2010

Day 250 - Panama City Beach

Well, here I am sitting out front of Mickey D’s on the strip in PCB. It’s almost midnight Central time, so this will actually be posted on Saturday even though it is Friday’s blog. I’m drinking an imitation Frappichino from MD’s. It’s not too bad, but way to sweet. But it will have to do this late. The drive down this afternoon was pretty easy. Brad, Peter, Masha and myself came down about 1:45. We got here early enough to get our beds made and hang out with most of the students. We had pizza to eat; I think I ate one piece.

The anticipation and expectancy for this weekend is very high. I know that personally I am really expecting God to show up in my life and for the whole school. I believe that everyone here shares this expectancy. So how can he not show up? We just finished two and a half hours of worship. It was very good and completely different from last year. We ended it with a “tunnel of Love”. It’s similar to what we did last Tuesday night, except the emphasis is on the love of God and intimacy with Him.

So, what is it that I want out of this weekend? What is it that I am believing God for, right now? I think that what I really want is just a deeper understanding and knowledge of His love in my life. I have a good understanding, but I know that there is always more, and I want the more. I am believing for an increase in His power, specifically in the prophetic and in healing. I really want to see the kingdom of God released all around me. To see this, I want to press into more of Him. I am willing to step out and take risks. This weekend is just the start of a new year of school, but how we press in here will determine how we press in for the rest of the year. We have to push ourselves, to go after more of Him in every area. We second year students have to set the example.

This will be a fun weekend, but we really need to press in for everything that we can get. To do that I probably need to get some rest. It’s going to be another full day tomorrow.

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