Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Day 260 - Meeting up with Scott and Lacey

This blog is for Monday September 27th in the USA. The train ride was long, but I still like trains. I think that every civilized country should have a good train system. I loved the trains in England, and here it seems to be almost as good. We arrived in Brisbane on schedule. Which is more than I can say for most flights. But the downside was the 14 hours in the train instead of an hour and a half in the plane. But, there was room to walk around and the seats were bigger than what was on the plane. The kids next to me went to sleep around 9PM and slept though the night. So I was able to get some sleep. I don’t think I slept as well as I did on the plane ride, but I did sleep. However I am getting pretty sleepy so I don’t know how long this will be.

This morning we arrived in Brisbane at 6:30. I wound up on the train for the airport and got there around 7:30. Well, Scott, Lacey and Jason weren’t scheduled to be in until 10:30. No problem, I would just hang out at the airport and get something to eat, maybe walk around the shops a bit. There was only one problem with that plan. When I got to the airport I found out that all of the shops and good restaurants were up on the second level where the gates were. That meant that to get to them you had to clear through security. I had both of my bags with me and one of them wouldn’t go through security. It was my checked bag and it was too big plus it had too much stuff in it that was OK to be checked, but wouldn’t pass through a security checkpoint. So I couldn’t go to the shops like I had planned. It was going to be a long boring morning. I had really hoped to find an electrical adaptor so that I could plug in my laptop and also my phone charger. I was not going to find one there. Then I saw a bus come buy taking people to the “airport village” It’s a place where they had shops. I decided to get on the bus and take a chance out to see it. I was hoping to be able to buy and adaptor.

Well there wasn’t much there, but I did get the adaptator that I was looking for. And I was able to get a Latte so all wasn’t lost. I took the next bus back to the terminal and went looking for a wi-fi connection. Well, Quantas had a wi-fi that you could use for five dollars an hour. Well I needed to check email and post my blog. I was glad to be able to use anything we can to get the job done.

Scott and Lacey’s plane was very late and so they got switched to a later flight to Brisbane from Sydney. So, at 11:30 we finally met up. Scott and Lacey were there but Jason had missed the flight. He had a later connection than Scott and Lacey and wound up missing the Sydney flight.

So we were met bi Jim, the youth pastor for Nexux church. He took ua all around and finally took us where we are going to be staying most of the time. It is beautiful. The house is on top of a mountain. The views are spectacular. The house itself is unbelievable. It has nine bedooms. It is going on the market next week for ten Million dollars. Yes, that’s right. Nedless to say we were sort of blown away. The best news is that the house had wi-fi with it, so I can get the blog posted each night. Well, I can hardly keep my eyes open, so I think that I will call it a night. The action really begins tomorrow. Can’t wait!!

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