Saturday, July 31, 2010

Day 202 - What is Reality?

Is the top still spinning? I just saw Inception tonight. I will probably have to see it at least two more times. It’s about dreams and reality. The plot has people able to invade other peoples dream life and extract information; or do something that is even harder, plant an idea that will grow into an obsession. That’s where the title, Inception, came from. But living in dreams brings one to the point that it is hard to know what is reality. I can see this movie becoming the new “Matrix”. There is so much to glean, and so many prophetic insights to gain. I remember Bob Jones saying in the 90’s that movies were going to be more prophetic than most sermons. I’m afraid that he was right. Anyway it was great movie, and I need to see it again soon.

So much of our life is lived on this earthly plane. We think this is the only reality, and we spend our whole life working, raising kids; just living the “American Dream.” But there is another reality, an even greater reality that we must embrace and we must allow it to shape us and change us on this plane. That reality is the reality of the Kingdom of God, and God’s desire to see us bring this Kingdom down into this reality. The reality of the Kingdom is the greater reality, but most of us don’t believe it, and are very hesitant to act upon it. Instead we stay in this plane, never expecting Kingdom reality to invade our circumstances. We live, for the most part, as if God were far off, not caring about us. If only we could realize how much He does love us, and how much He cares about everything we do. Many of us, if we do believe in Him, expect punishment and judgment. We expect to sin, so we do. We don’t know His true character and nature. We don’t know His love and acceptance because we have not experienced it. For the most part all we have know is religion. Religion demands judgment. Religion is man’s way of justifying himself, or condemning others.

Christianity is not about religion. It is about relationship; relationship with the living Jesus Christ, King of kings. He wants relationship with us. He died for our sins so that He could have us as His Brothers and Sisters. We who believe are joint heirs with Him. We no longer have a sin nature, but His nature. We were saved by grace, but we are no longer sinners, but saints. We are ambassadors of His Kingdom. We really do represent a new reality. So we need to start living like we believe it. We represent a reality where the supernatural should be the natural. We live in a reality where healing should be commonplace. If we as believers lived and believed as we should, we would truly have community transformation. It wouldn’t be just a catch phrase or a slogan. It would be “reality”. I know that reality is what I want, what I am living for. I know it is what Julia was after too.

On a personal front, I feel things shifting. I am becoming me, not just the half of Julia that is still here. I think it is a good thing, but it is a little different. I no longer feel strange being by myself, or with my friends without Julia. At first, and for a number of months it felt odd. You know, me being by myself when most everyone else had his or her spouse. I felt like the odd man out. But I don’t necessarily feel like that anymore. Every now and then I might think about her not being there, but I am becoming more at home just being me. I am really at peace. I’m not necessarily lonely, just alone. I don’t know if that makes sense, but earlier this year I remember that I wrote that I wasn’t alone, but lonely. So that is a complete opposite of what I just wrote. So, I guess there has been a shift.

What I am realizing is that these shifts, or levels of healing, are gradual. They are so gradual that you don’t realize that they are taking place until there has been a major change. Then you realize that that change didn’t happen all at once, but through a process. I think that our reality changes through a process to. We believe the Kingdom and then we slowly start doping the Kingdom looking for breakthrough. But breakthrough comes as a process most of the time. It’s like the “and suddelys” of life. Most of them took years of perseverance and patience. Then the “and suddenly” happened. So, I pray that we all are able to see the real reality and press into the Kingdom until it “breaks through” into our present reality.

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