Thursday, July 29, 2010

Day 200 - Another Milestone

Wow, it is hard to believe that I have been writing this blog every night for the past 200 days! I’m on page 263 and almost 168,000 words. I’ve probably written over 200 hours. I normally average about an hour a night. Anyway, that’s enough for statistics. What I really want to do is to thank you who are still on this journey with me. Your prayers, comments, emails and support have helped me tremendously in this process on healing. I am continuing to get stronger. My prayer is that my daughters and granddaughters will heal as quickly as I am. I pray that Julia’s friends will heal as well. We all mss her so much, and this has taken a toll on all of us. As I have been writing this blog, I realize that I have been writing it not only for myself, but for all of those who were impacted by Julia’s life. As I tell our story, I leave a legacy for the future. A legacy that I leave, I hope will be received by Adair, Meleah, Anna Roan and Julia Anne. It’s their heritage from their Nana that I really want to preserve. I guess a little bit of me will be there too.

Part of that legacy is at RiverStone. Tonight we had healing prayer. That was one of Julia’s favorite times, and a favorite ministry. We never missed it if we could make it, and even if I was working, she was sure to be there. She would have loved tonight. No, she did love tonight. I know that she was there in Spirit. We had a team of over 100. I remember when we had a team of less than 10. We prayed and ministered to over 80 people in two hours. It was an awesome night. The worship team did a great job of ushering in the Holy Spirit. The prophetic artists were right on with their drawings and the prayer teams were busy and engaged, releasing the presence of God.

I can remember when we first started. There were about 10 of us in a room with a CD. We didn’t do anything except have people sit and soak while we just went around and prayed silently while we laid hands on them. That was where we began. It’s a far cry from where we are today. But I think that it represents a prophetic representation of where we have come from as a church and where we are going. I am still waiting for breakthrough in the area of creative miracles and instantaneous divine healing. I can see it in the Spirit, and we declare that it will be released in our midst. As we have grown as a church, we have gained and lost many people, but most of that original team is still together and we were all here tonight. Breakthrough is about to happen! I can feel it in the Spirit. We will be ready, at least this part of the church.

I was just thinking, I’m over half way through this blog. Writing has become almost a way of life. It is definitely a habit, one that I want to keep. I am realizing that this hour that I spend every night is doing at least two things for me. First it is keeping me connected with Julia and her memories. Second, it is keeping me connected to Papa, Jesus and Holy Spirit. Without that connection, I don’t know where I would be right now. I do know that I wouldn’t be nearly as healed as I am now. So, I guess this blog really is theraputic. My connection to Julia’s memories is important, but not nearly as important as my connection to the Trinity. That is where the healing is released and the goodness flows. It’s all about His Glory, the glory to know Him.

So, as I close out 200 days, I am truly thankful. I look forward to the next 165 days. I have much more of our story to tell, and time is running out so I will have to pick up the pace a little bit. Also I look forward to continued healing and knowing and releasing the presence of God. It is a great time to be alive!

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