Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Day 185 - Moving Day and Moving Day - 1

The truck showed up this morning at 8:45. We were all glad that they came early. We really didn’t know when they were coming until they called around 8AM. There were four guys, and they did a good job unloading everything. I was in charge of inventory control. Every box and piece of furniture had a sticker with a number on it. As one was brought off the truck, they would call out the number and I would mark it off. It is amazing, but everything was there. I stayed out in the garage marking off numbers and directing traffic until the truck was completely unloaded. That was around 1PM. Then I went and got lunch for the guys so they could stay and work.

Part of their job is to put all the beds together and unpack as many boxes as the client wants unpacked. Lisa decided that most all of the boxes should be unpacked. At least that part would be done, and all the boxes and paper would be gone. I think she made a wise decision. Sure, right now the house looks like a tornado has come through. But she already has the kitchen about 70% complete. Ther is no way she would be that far if we were unpacking all the boxes. The challenge tonight will be to get the beds cleared off and mad so that we will all have a place to sleep.

Things are looking better than I thought that they would and I am so glad for her. I plan on helping tomorrow and then leaving tomorrow night and driving through most of the night until I get tired. Then I will stop at a rest stop for a map like I did coming up. I should be home sometime late Friday morning. I know Lisa still has a lot to do, but I have work on Monday and my friend Russell Black is coming in on Saturday afternoon.

Down in Ft Lauderdale Jennifer and her family are moving tomorrow morning. The movers come and pack up their stuff and move it to their new house. In some ways it’s an easier move because it is a local move. But in other ways it’s harder. For one thing, they have to pay for the move themselves. The government pays for Lisa’s move. Secondly, they had to pack all their own boxes, and will have to unpack them as well. So it will probably take longer to get organized. I wish I had been able to help them, but I am only one person and Lisa really needed me more this time.

What are the chances that both of your children are moving the same week over 1000 miles apart? I mean what do you do? I know that if Julia were alive, we would probably be separated. One would be with Lisa and the other with Jennifer. I can only be with one. It was funny today. I kept thinking Julia would come in and take over like she usually did with any move. This is hard on both my girls because this is the first time they have ever had to move without her help. Even if she wasn’t there for the move, she would be there within a couple of days to help get things organized. Jennifer and I were talking and she said that she hadn’t ever hung a picture without advice from Julia on where to hang it. Julia had an eye for decorating and could place things in a room the way that they should be placed. I was thinking about her as Lisa and I were trying to organize the kitchen today.

But she is not here, and the girls will be all right. Things will all work out. God is good, and He will give us all the ability to do what needs to be done. I see so much of Julia in both Jennifer and Lisa. It’s funny, there are different aspects of her in each of them, but I can see her nonetheless. I’m going to wrap it up early tonight. I know that I am needed back at the house. There are things to move and beds to make if we are going to sleep tonight. I give God the glory for a great day and thank Him for all that He continues to do with my family. I don’t know about tomorrows post yet. I might try to get it done before I leave, or it might be early Friday morning. I’ll play that by ear.

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  1. Hey Tom,
    I was missing Julia so much this am as Lynn was sharing about the history of intercessory prayer at Riverstone. Julia was such a huge factor in that, and her legacy continues to grow!

    Im praying for your girls, that they have comfort during this time, and also that they "grow up into their mothers shoes" I actually picture their feet growing to fit grown up shoes....They are not little girls playing dress up anymore. And I pray for Holy Spirit to reassure them, and to hold them tightly as they grieve and remember and love.