Sunday, July 18, 2010

Day 189 - Generations

My dad and my youngest daughter were born on the same date. So every year I get to celebrate with different generations. This year it was just a call to both of them, but they were both on my heart all day. I think that it was a gift that they share the same birthday. It makes me reflect about the past and the future. As I think about my dad, memories of the past fill my heart. I am thankful for the strong heritage in the word that he gave me. Growing up as a preacher’s kid had its good points as well as it’s bad ones. The strong heritage I had gave me an anchor, a point to return to after my period of rebellion against God. Mom and Dad’s love for Julia and I and then our children and grandchildren has always been a blessing. He taught us all that he knew, and gave us a strong heritage. My dad’s destiny for the most part has been fulfilled. He has run a good race, especially in these last years. I hope that I can run as strong a race as he has.

My daughters, on the other hand, represent the future. They are still early in their race. I know they don’t think so, but the early to mid thirties is still very young and they have much life to live and a strong destiny to be fulfilled. Right now they are caught up with life. Working and raising a family are both fulltime jobs. No wonder they are tired and sometimes overwhelmed. But what they really don’t realize is that there is still plenty of time and seasons change. They won’t always be so caught up with just surviving. As I look back on Julia and my life, we didn’t really start ministry until our late thirties and it was really in our forties when we really got involved. There are seasons when your number one priority has to be your children, and that is pretty much all you have time for.

But that is not an excuse to ignore the call of God on your life. Some people have different situations and are able to do much more early on. We are each called to our race. We can’t compare ourselves with each other. We have to do what we are called to do: nothing more and nothing less. So I do look at my daughters and I see destiny not yet fulfilled. But I also see a process, God at work in them right now. I would love to be around to see their destiny fulfilled. Maybe I will be, but no matter what, I know that it will be fulfilled.

So here I am tonight, sandwiched between two generations. Each has its on sweet spirit. God is at work in both. Yet His work is so different in each. I am blessed to be involved with each. It is my joy and His gift to me. So as I celebrate birthdays I thank God for generations past and present. I thank Him for heritage as well as destiny. Our heritage is the floor on which He uses to build our destiny. My prayer is that the heritage Julia and I have given my daughters will alow them to far surpass anything we have ever done or thought of doing. I see in the Spirit that that is not only possible, but also it will happen.

Today was a good day. Worship was awesome. I have been walking in His presence all day, and the ministry training tonight went very well. He showed up, and over 50 people were blessed by His presence. God is so good, and He is in a good mood!

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