Saturday, July 10, 2010

Day 181 - Preparing to Leave

It’s been a long day and in many ways it hasn’t even started. I was up early this morning checking flights for Adair. Everything was booked solid and I knew that I had to get her out today if we were going to be able to leave tonight for Norfolk. So I changed her flight to where I thought she had the best chance of getting out during the day if she missed the first flight. I sent her to Ft Meyers. That’s over 100 miles away, but it least it gets her close to home. Long story short: she got on the first flight when I didn’t think she would make it. Hernan flew in from Mobile and we were leaving the airport around 9:30. Praise God, it was good to see her able to finally make the first flight she tried.

The rest of the day has been very hectic. Packing, washing, playing with the kids while Lisa tried to pack. Really most of the burden was on her. The best thing that I could do was to take Anna to the pool this afternoon so that Lisa could get something done. She was able to get everything packed so I now have the Envoy mostly packed. It should take less than 30 minutes to be ready to go. My plan was to sleep a while, get up and leave around 2AM. That would put us at the Norfolk airport around 11:30. I thought it was a good plan, but a wise group of counselors has asked me to leave earlier and stop midway for a 2-3 hour nap. Then we would finish the drive off. I didn’t really think it was a good idea until I realized that if we left around 10:30 Starbucks would still be open. That settled it, so I am about to take a quick power nap and get up at 9:45. So this will probably be one of my shortest blogs ever.

What I just realized tonight as I stopped to write is that I had tried to take control again. I don’t mean take control from Lisa; I mean take control from Him. You see, I had placed all the burden of getting everybody home; everything packed and ready to go on my own shoulders. It had become my responsibility instead of His. The weight of all this was really getting me down.
So just about 15 minutes ago I asked Him if He would take it back, I didn’t want it. He lovingly agreed and now I am free. We will get there. Lisa and the girls will get on the plane and we will make it to Norfolk. I truly believe that this move is key to Lisa and her family, so I know it is God’s will for her life

Anyway, I’m getting tired, and I have to get up soon. I’ve got CD’s and Podcasts to keep me occupied as I drive. It should be a good night.

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