Saturday, July 17, 2010

Day 188 - Life is in the Little Things

Sometimes you just have to take the time to do the mundane things in life. Who ever thought that ironing could take so much time. I guess it’s because I have let it pile up. Anyway, that’s pretty much all I did this morning. Ironing shirts, most of which need very little ironing. That’s why I bought them. Still, they need some, so today was the day I got caught up. I also went out this morning to pick blueberries. I got about 4 cups worth. The plants have been very productive this year, and they taste great. So all of my morning was spent doing things that Julia would usually do. I still need to get out and weed. They are gaining on me again. Julia was such a great housekeeper; it’s all I can do to keep things in somewhat of a decent order. As I look about though, I learned a lot from her. The house was in pretty good shape when I picked up Russell from the airport this afternoon.

Tomorrow we get to go to RiverStone. I missed last week, but it seems even longer, and I am really looking forward to going. I am hungry for more of God, and I want to go into the service tomorrow morning expecting Him to move powerfully. Just think what church would be like if all over this city everyone who went into church tomorrow went with the expectation that God was going to show up in power. How much faith do we need? We need the faith of a mustard seed. Just a little from a lot of people will change the face of church as we know it. Tomorrow will be a pretty busy day. We have Healing Ministry Training tomorrow night. I love 11AM church because it is so lively. What I don’t like is that by the time it is over and you go out to eat the day is almost gone. Tomorrow I have to be back at 5, so that doesn’t leave much time in the afternoon.

I was talking with Russell tonight and I realized that I have a tendency to continue to take things back that I have given up to God. You know, like take back control and responsibility of my finances or take back responsibility for things that I can’t change. It’s like I give it to Him on Monday then by Thursday, I am taking back ownership and responsibility. It really doesn’t help when I do that. In fact, it normally hinders what God is trying to do in me or in others. I have found myself doing that over the past few days. All I can do when I realize that I am doing this is to repent and give it back to Him.

I am really tired tonight. I guess that I am still sleep deprived from the drive home the other night. But I normally live in a sleep deprived state, so that shouldn’t matter so much. Anyway, I think I will close this down and go to bed. Tomorrow will be a good day.

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