Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Day 178 - Miami Bound

It’s been a long day, but also a good day. I’m back out on the porch. It’s still light outside, but the crickets are beginning to make a lot of noise. It is pretty warm out here tonight, but it is the quietest area in the house, so here I am. Last night after I finished writing, I went to check on flights one more time. It was at least the 20th time that day. As I was looking at the Atlanta to Miami flights I just has a feeling that Jennifer and Meleah ought to get up with mw when I went to work and try to gat on the first two flights. After that the flights were overbooked. I told them to try for the first two and if they didn’t get on, I would pick them up after work and then bring them back that night for the last Ft Meyers flight. It looked like it might be promising. The flights to Miami didn’t look promising at all, but there was just enough gap in seats sold and seats available to be tempting.

So at 2:45 I got up to shower. Jennifer got up a little after 3 and then got Meleah up. It was a minor miracle when we all were in the car at 3:25. Their flight was not until 7:30, but they had to ride down with me. I had to get them to the Airport, unload and then get to the training center in time to start my brief at 5:00. So they had to suffer. Before I got into the simulator, I checked to see where they were. Meleah was number 28 on the list and there were not 28 seats left. It didn’t look good. But I really believe in the power of prayer, even when flying standby. Shoot, maybe especially when we are flying standby. Anyway they both got on the first flight, only by the grace of God. So they are both back in Ft Lauderdale this evening. Tonight, I don’t have to check flights. That won’t start until Friday when I have to begin watching it for Adair’s return home.

So here it is almost 9PM and I didn’t get a power nap today. I have an early wake up tomorrow and then I am off for about 10 days. I was thinking about Adair at camp. Julia was so excited that she was going to get to go this year. All of the campers and counselors are receiving more than they can ever realize. Holy Spirit really moves there because He is given freedom: the freedom to be Himself, no matter what. That is what He is looking for in all of our churches and meetings. I stopped trying to force an agenda a long time ago. My prayer for every meeting is for Him to show up and take over. Of course I always have to prepare just in case he chooses to use me. I really want to go to camp for one night. Maybe tomorrow. I’ll have to see how everything goes. If I do go, my blog will be late because I will be coming back after the service.

It’s a little quieter tonight, but not much. I do miss Jennifer and Meleah, but I am so thankful that they are back home with no hassle. You see, Papa cares about us, even the small things like getting a seat on a plane. It’s just really hard to believe that the summer is moving by so quickly. The one thing that I really need right now is some quality quiet time with the Trinity. It has been so busy around here; with so much to do I just haven’t had the time that I usually do. I don’t know how Julia did it. Yes I do, she was much more disciplined than I am. She would find time to pray and worship no matter what her schedule was. I need some of that anointing. Maybe in my dreams tonight.

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