Saturday, April 17, 2010

Day 97 - Company for Dinner

Today I worked early. It’s hard getting up at 3AM. But the reward is that work is over around 10:30. That gives me the rest of the day to do whatever I want to do, or need to do. I like the freedom of having a day more than I dislike the early get up. I guess that’s why I put early periods as my first choice. Anyway I was able to get an afternoon run in; clean the house; take the power washer and wash off all the pollen on the deck and screen porch. That was big, it helped me be able to keep the doors and windows opened when the temperature cooled off. So I did get a lot done. I also got to cook dinner. I had taken a couple of steaks out of the freezer and I bought some potatoes, onions and some other good stuff for supper.

Lisa and Jennifer left here in early January. Since then I have been to many other friends houses to eat and hang out, but my house has been empty. I have been alone whenever you were here. That was going to end tonight. I had invited John and Biddie over for dinner. I was going to grill steaks and bake potatoes. Biddie was going to bring a salad. I had gotten chocolate for desert because I knew that someone would eat it. That was the plan. We are going to watch a movie afterwards. Well, plans always change. Biddie got sick and couldn’t come. She either ate something wrong or has a virus. Either way, it’s not what she would want right now. So she wasn’t able to come. John came by himself, and we still enjoyed a great dinner. I’m sure that it was much quieter, but it was still al lot of fun. John brought a salad, which was excellent. I grilled steaks and onions. They were both great. I love to grill, and tonight I did a great job. I also baked potatoes. The meal was great, as was the conversation. But what was really good was to have someone here in the house talking and laughing. I forgot how it sounded almost. It has been me alone her for so long. Just to have out loud conservation was great. And to have a good meal with a good friend and be able to spend time talking and hanging out here wa very good. It was almost like we were breaking through a barrier. This is an area I want to expand. I need to have more people here, in this house. It brings life and it also brings laughter and more joy here. It’s not that there is no joy, it’s just that most of what I do here is silent. Except maybe praising the Lord. So I feel strongly that God wants me to have more of His people come and be entertained.

Julia’s touch is still all over this house, and that’s the way I want it. But I look around and I realize that sooner or later I will have to move some things. I did move all of her clothes out of the closet and downstairs into the basement. But sooner or ater I will need to do something with them. All of her stuff is still in our bathroom under her sink and on the tub. I probably should do something with that too. But not now. Today is not the day. When will be the day? I don’t know. However I feel that I will know when it is time. I don’t want to rush into any decision because that might make me do something prematurely.

On another note, I am so blessed to have friends, friends that I can share anything with. I don’t always need to share, but just knowing I can talk wit John or Bud ant anytime, gives me great freedom and peace. It looks like that I will go to Florida for a couple of days after BASSM graduation. Then I will drive home and go with Lisa to Norfolk to go house hunting. We will be there about three days. Hopefully she will be able to find something that she can enjoy. The big problem with the house is just selling it. It has been shown a number of times and everyone seems to like it. Maybe we can find a buyer soon. If not, she will be forced to rent it.

I think that this is it for the night. I’m very tired, and need to get to sleep. I have to be at work at 9:20 tomorrow morning, so at least I will be able to sleep in a little longer.

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  1. So glad you and John had a great dinner and evening! Love that you battled the pollen SAturday. I did too - our porch is now free and clear! It took all day to clean it all.
    Love ya!!
    M & A