Sunday, April 4, 2010

Day 83 - Hunting Eggs

Easter Egg hunts have always intrigued me. Today’s was no exception. But before I talk about today’s hunt, I want to think about some from years past. It’s hard to remember when they became the thing to do. I don’t ever remember going to an “official egg hunt” when I was a kid. I do remember my sisters and me hiding eggs from each other and then hunting for them. When Jenifer and Lisa were growing up I remember hiding eggs out in the yard and having them look for them and I remember the church having egg hunts, but I’m not sure if we ever took them to one of those. It’s not until Adair and Meleah ( my oldest granddaughters) came along that I remember going to any organized hunt. So maybe it was in the 90’s. Anyway it really doesn’t matter; it is the thing to do now.
Last year Lisa and the family came up to our house for Easter. Anna Roan was two, and this was the first time she ever went to an Easter egg hunt. We had one at RiverStone. I remember it well because the temperature was about 35 degrees in the sun. It was freezing. All the mothers and grandmothers had their kids out in the cold to hunt for something they didn’t even care about finding. It really doesn’t make sense. (I’m sorry; I can see that my bias toward the Easter holiday thing is showing again.) I do know this. Most Dads and Granddads would rather give their children and grandchildren a bag of chocolate and let them eat it all in ne place than to stand out in the cold waiting for an “egg hunt” to take place. Anyway, Julia loved it. She was all into it, and me taking pictures. I wasn’t taking enough, as usual, so she took the camera to get more. We followed Anna Roan around taking a picture for almost every egg she found. We would help her find them and then take her picture. The best picture we took though was one of the whole family on the steps of the church. Julia had her “Easter sweater” on. It was green (of course) wiey all the other pastel colors. It made her look like a delicious egg. Please don’t tell her I said that! The really sad thing for Anna was that before she could open any of the eggs, Julia and Lisa took out all the candy. They didn’t want her to have any candy, so all Anna got was the hollow eggs. Now think of it. You spend all morning in 35-degree weather to hunt for 25 hollow eggs. It just doesn’t make sense.
The weather here in Mobile was much better than last year in Marietta. The temperature was in the mid 70’s and it was cloudy, so it wasn’t too hot. We went to one of Lisa’s friends house. This was supposed to be a small gathering that grew. There must have been at least 60 people. There were tents set up, three grill grilling burgers. Their house was on probably three acres, so there was plenty of land to hide the eggs. There were kids galore, moms, dads, grandmas and granddads. It was really interesting to watch. If I had had the time I could have focused on how most of the dads congregated in a group. But some were following the kids around making sure they had a good time. I could have looked at how all the moms and grandmas were having a great time, and how the kids could care less. They were just playing. I didn’t have time for that though. I was too focused on Anna Roan, and Julia Anne. You see, I have been the dad congregating with the other dads. At the time I thought I was just being cool, hanging out while the moms did their thing with the kids. I missed so much. I missed the pleasure of a little had grabbing mine and asking me to do something with them. I missed the pleasure of helping Julia and watching her smile as I took over with the kids. No, I had missed too much. Today I enjoyed swing Anna Roan in the hammock. I enjoyed holding Julia Anne while she slept. I enjoyed following Anna around helping her to find eggs. You see, the problem with us men is we try to be so macho that we miss the blessings God has for us. We miss the opportunity to show our children and grandchildren the Father heart of God. It’s too bad it takes some of us so long to find out. Today there were a few men who were following their kids around making sure they were safe and had a good time. These are my heroes. They have learned early in life what it is to show the Father’s love to their kids. Tomorrow is Resurrection Day. I can’t wait.

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