Thursday, April 29, 2010

Day 109 - Identity is BIG

Today was a great day! I worked early this morning but finished early. Then I went by the church and talked with Tom for a while. I went home and went on an almost hour run. I listened to Scott Thompson’s sermon from last Sunday at Bethel Atlanta. It was great and very timely. Having run 14 marathons (so far) I could really relate to all his examples and they were all right on. In fact I thought it was prophetic that I was listening to it while I was running. God has already been speaking to me about reviewing everything I am involved in and releasing the things that I am not passionate about. I have already been doing this for a few months, and I know that I have to do more. I only have so much time energy and passion. I have to spend these resources wisely if I am to reach the destiny God has for me. One area that I am evaluating is my work schedule. I need to work; it’s just trying to adjust my budget to reduce the number of days. I have been averaging 17 the last three months. I would like to average 12. It’s a significant drop in income, and I have to see if I can stabilize my spending to accommodate this schedule. Reducing the days I work does two things. First it frees up more time and gives me more energy for other things. So it is important that I reach a balance in this area. I think I can do it. I will try it in June to see.

Next week I am going with Lisa to help her find a house in the Norfolk Va area. I’m looking forward to spending some time with her and Julia. Anna will stay in Mobile. Lisa will be moving towards the end of June or early July, so she needs to find a place to live as soon as possible. If Julia were here, she would probably be doing this, but I’m looking forward to it. Adair and Sean are at the State championship track meet in Orlando this weekend and Jennifer is with Meleah. Adair is an alternate and probably won’t run, but she should have a good time. I miss all my family. Being in different states is hard, but not impossible. We are all going to get together in Hilton Head for Christmas. I spent an hour or so on the Internet looking for places to rent. I am terrible about procrastinating when it comes to tings like that. I want to make sure I have this place in plenty of time. I found a couple of possibilities. Hopefully I will have one reserved by Monday or Tuesday.

Ministry in the Kingdom is fun, and tonight’s Healing Prayer was no exception. We probably had 60 -70 people there to minister and we probably prayed for over 50 people in one and a half hours. The vast majority of the people we prayed for were from outside our church. We had teams of three people praying. Our team prayed for five different people. Most were for some sort of physical healing. We had one man at least 90 percent healed of shoulder pain, lower back pain and leg pain. It might have been 100%. He was so excited he really didn’t communicate at the end. We had at least 8 people drawing and painting prophetic art to give to the people we were praying for. What I noticed tonight, and really every night I pray for people is this: Most, if not all of the people that I pray for also have an identity problem. They have a hard tme believing who they are in Christ or they never knew who they are in Christ. Either way, the enemy is able to keep them from walking into their destiny. Identity is BIG. We have to know who we are in Christ if we are going to do anything of value in the Kingdom.

Some day, and that day is soon, all the church is going to know who they are in Christ. They are going to see themselves as Christ sees them. At that point, the Kingdom of God will come in power through out the land, and we will obtain the Victory that Christ has come for. This will usher in the last great revival and harvest. I truly believe the key is us knowing who we are and how much God loves us. This was a passion that Julia had, and a passion that I still carry. It is why we wanted a Sozo ministry so bad at RiverStone. We have to connect people to the Godhead so they can reach their destiny. It is why I still want to be very involved in sozo ministry even though I gave up the day-to-day leadership of the ministry. But as good as Sozo is, it only reaches one person at a time. Teaching is good, but there has to be an experience, and encounter with the Godhead. That is one of the things that I am asking Papa to show me. How can I connect groups of people to Him, like we do one person at a time in Sozo? I don’t know, but I know someone who does, and I am going to continue to press in for an answer.

I’m closing in on my talk for Sat afternoon. I know that identity will play a huge part in it. I’m off tomorrow. I have guests coming for dinner, so I have to prepare the house, and a meal. It should be fun and challenging.

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