Saturday, April 10, 2010

Day 90 - Fun in the Sun

Well 4AM arrived early, but my early rising paid off, and I got on the first flight from Atlanta to Ft Lauderdale. It was a good flight I even got First Class. The good thing about flying on Sat morning is that there are no business travelers flying, so there are not many frequent flyer upgrades. Anyway I slept almost the whole way and Sean picked me up at 9:40. It was really good to see everybody. I have missed seeing them since I flew down for a day last February. It’s hard to believe it had been over a month since I have been down here. The weather was great today. It was partly cloudy today with the temperature in the upper 70’s. I went with Sean to the grocery store, and after lunch we went to the beach. At the beach, Adair and Meleah were playing with a tennis ball and building sand castles and Sean was skim boarding. That’s way too much work for me, but He is good at it. Anyway we were out there for about almost two hours. It’s the first time I have been at the beach since late last September.
Jennifer and I sat and talked mostly about the kids, and her job and the robbery that they had at their house Easter Sunday. I know that it was traumatic for them, and sometime over the weekend, probably tomorrow afternoon I want to pray over them and break off trauma and anything else Holy Spirit shows. They all seem to be doing very well, but I know that there are some things in the Spirit that probably need to be dealt with. The robbers got some stuff, missed other stuff but in any robbery, it’s really more about the invasion of personal space and the fear that brings up rather than what was taken
Tonight we went out to eat and get an ice cream. We then came home and watched a DVD. We saw Sherlock Holms. It was pretty good, I’m sure there will be a sequel. I had heard mixed things about it. Most of the negative stuff was that it wasn’t the traditional Sherlock Holmes, but I liked it. It was a fun movie and I think it will generate enough interest for another. So here I am after the movie. I’m sitting at the dining room table writing while the rest of the family does various things before bedtime. I was just thinking as I began to write tonight. If I miss my daughter so much, and just want the best for her, Sean and the grandkids, I can’t imagine the amount of love Papa God has for us. I wonder how He feels when we ignore him and find time for everything else. Does He long to see us like I long to see my kids? I would think the answer would be yes. Aren’t we made in His image? So if we are made in His image then it makes sense to me that the emotions that I have for my children are similar to those He has for us. So He really does have our best interest at heart. I would never do anything to hurt my kids. I would never do anything to cause them harm. This only makes sense because God is good and He does good things. But how does my spending time with Him work? What does it look like? Is there a set pattern, a formula that works every time? I don’t think so. Just like my time with my children and grandchildren, it varies by the needs of the moment. Sometimes it’s just being close and hugging. Sometimes it is talking about things. Sometimes it is being intentional and working on a project. You get the idea. It doesn’t matter what you do or how you do it. It can be different every time. The thing that matters most is that you do take the time and seek Him as Papa. Allow yourself the joy of sharing with Him, letting Him talk to you; bring you up into His arms and telling you He loves you. It might be in worship, scripture reading, meditation or just beholding his presence. How you do it doesn’t really matter, but doing it does matter. I love it when one of my girls wants to spend time with me. I’m sure He does too.
So here I am, in Ft Lauderdale. Last week it was Mobile. When I’m away from the house it’s like time stands still. I really enjoy being here, at the same time I know that live continues to move. There is no standing still. So I am beginning to learn that I am learning a new balancing act. Most of the time I am caught between two or more worlds. There is Lisa’s world and Jennifer’s world. I definitely want to be a part of both of these worlds. Then there is Delta’s world. There is RiverStone’s world. There is Bethel Atlanta’s world. All these are vying for my time. The key is to learn to live in His world. He is in each of these worlds, and has called me to each. I am learning to begin to look for Him to guide me as I flow in and out of each of these worlds. In reality there is really only one world. My job is to hear Him so well that I flow with the Spirit wherever I am. All these worlds are good. All have demands on my life, but what I can’t do is to let the demands rule me. I have to be led by Holy Spirit and be sensitive to the needs of each, but ultimately be led by Him. This is hard at first, but I think that I am getting the hand of it. The thing is sometimes this means not doing what I really want to do, but doing what He says I need to do. This is not new. I’ve been trying to do this for years, but now the territory has shifted some and I must be careful to adjust according to His will, not the needs of the different areas. Well tomorrow looks to be a great day. I really want to spend some alone time with Papa tonight as I lay down. I hope I don’t fall asleep too soon.

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